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 Travel Articles for Europe
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
Hah Nee's Trip to Madrid, May 24-27, 2006
Submitted by christine on 2008-06-13 08:39:56 (via
In traveling, as in anything else, it's the small things that matter. They enhance the charm of wandering and exploring places, in the meanwhile discovering peculiar aspects, like, for example, the impossibility of take-away paella. Madrid is stunning in terms of art, history and nightlife.
"I think I've just left my heart in Madrid." Lovely.   More...
5  votes
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Marseilles & the Calanques
Submitted by Turtle Bunbury on 2008-04-30 03:27:15 (via
A sea voyage around the south of France brings to light foreign legions and the epic world of Marcel Pagnol.
2  votes
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Royal Winks & Fairytales
Submitted by Turtle Bunbury on 2008-04-30 03:25:27 (via
A curious encounter with the Queen of Denmark while visiting the childhood home of Hans Christian Andersen.
1  votes
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Buy A Vowel
Submitted by christine on 2008-03-31 09:37:49 (via
I admit I find it difficult at times to pronounce foreign names. But it turns out, not even their owners know their secret. Come think of it, the only way of discovering the truth is going back to your roots. This is what the author of the article did, in the meanwhile giving an insightful view of Poland. Enough suspense I guess...   More...
2  votes
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Northern Portugal: History, Architecture and Port Wine
Submitted by cmaingue on 2008-03-19 12:35:26 (via
For a relatively small country, Portugal offers a wide variety of scenery and sightseeing, from the majestic Douro River Valley in the north to the sunny beaches of the Algarve in the south. My favorite part of the country is northern Portugal, with its wonderful architecture, colorful local markets, and decorative azulejos.
3  votes
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Malaga, A spot in the Sun
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-03-05 10:32:50 (via
Malaga is very typical of many Southern cities of Spain! Built for tourism it has an endless stream of hotels, guest houses and apartments but in the winter months the emphasis lies on the Spanish - the Brits and the Germans notably absent until the summer months creep back in again!   More...
6  votes
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Chisinau meets the Mighty Tourist Scott
Submitted by christine on 2008-02-28 06:19:08 (via
Why in the world would you visit a former CIS country like Moldova? Tourists are complaining about difficulty of finding a working ATM, minibuses, and so on... So what is so appealing about this small country after all?
3  votes
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Submitted by bindero on 2008-02-27 09:52:25 (via
On your way from Switzerland to Austria, taking a short turn and visit Liechtenstein is a good idea. Actually, there are three reasons why most of the people visit this small country. Intriguing, eh? Find them out yourself and get convinced they are worth it!
3  votes
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Week-end in Tallin (Estonia)
Submitted by lisa on 2008-02-27 08:14:52 (via
Have you ever heard of Estonia? It is a small country in Europe where I am planning a vacation.
Enjoy the fun memories of a weekend spent in Tallin, an easy reading...   More...
2  votes
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Rock Climbing in Sennen, Cornwall
Submitted by Anonymous on 2008-02-27 08:14:20 (via
Rock climbers flock to Cornwall to experience sea cliff climbing. And there's nowhere better to experience this amazing activity than in Sennen near Land's end where the red rock walls rise straight out of the Atlantic. An article on a climbing experience in Cornwall.
2  votes
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