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 Travel Articles for Europe
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
City Trip Lisbon
Submitted by bindero on 2007-05-24 03:54:47 (via
“Lisbon is very much aware of its own beauty. In every high lying place you find a miradouro with a great view of the city. And there is much to see. Moreover, Lisbon has a lively nightlife with restaurants, cafés and extraordinary old coffeehouses”. The look of the city is defined by trams dating for the XX century, museum pieces themselves.   More...
91  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       7 comments   |   Topic: Portugal  

Rome and Roma Extra Muros
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-09-20 11:49:38 (via
An original take on Rome: the astonishing sights in the surroundings of Rome are visited and turn out to be at least as interesting as the eternal city itself   More...
86  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       9 comments   |   Topic: Italy  

Northern Italy: From 2000 m to sea level: the Dolomites and Venice
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-08-11 08:10:33 (via
The article describes both hiking in the Dolomites and visiting Venice vividly, underscoring the contrast between both destinations. A joy to read.   More...
84  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       6 comments   |   Topic: Italy  

Tour of Bavaria/city break Munich
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-08-28 10:39:05 (via
All the stereotypes apply: buckets of beer, lederhosen, "Gemuetlichkeit" the Bavarian way; but the landscapes are breathtaking, many towns and cities medieval and the past is visible everywhere   More...
82  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       11 comments   |   Topic: Germany  

The Moorish Heritage of Andalusia
Submitted by ManjaB on 2007-09-10 07:53:02 (via
A bicycle trip in Andalusia, where the Moorish heritage is not only apparent in Córdoba or Granada, but also in the white villages with Moorish quarters and fortresses, scattered between countless olive groves and wild mountains with spectacular canyons.   More...
82  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       7 comments   |   Topic: Spain  

Bicycling Cyprus: mountains and archeological sites
Submitted by ManjaB on 2009-03-10 03:40:22 (via
Cyprus has many different types of landscapes. Wooded mountains, deep valleys and narrow canyons. At lower altitudes there are vineyards, often on terraces. For cultural cravings there are monasteries, churches and archeological sites. A perfect island to tour by bike or car.   More...
80  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       11 comments   |   Topic: Cyprus  

From Riksgraensen to Oslo
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-06-28 07:40:21 (via
A trip from Lapland in the far north of the country to Oslo in the south takes one along stunning natural beauty: fjords, rivers, waterfalls, woods with elk and reindeer   More...
79  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       1 comments   |   Topic: Norway  

City Break London: A Walk Along Regent's Canal
Submitted by ManjaB on 2009-02-24 05:42:27 (via
An unusual way to spend time in London, but worth a try: a walk along a nineteenth-century canal, where once narrow freighters were towed by horses. The scenery is an inspiring combination of nature, industrial landmarks and quiet parks.   More...
78  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       4 comments   |   Topic: United Kingdom  

Tour of Tuscany
Submitted by ManjaB on 2009-04-08 06:37:58 (via
A vivid description, both of the wonderful sights and the not-so-wonderful aspects of places that are popular with tourists.
72  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment     Topic: Italy  

Hiking and Biking in the Buekk Mountains
Submitted by ManjaB on 2009-04-21 11:27:05 (via
A search for a place to stay ends in a small village, far from the madding crowds... Lovingly adopted by a Hungarian family, the writer gets to know these beautiful mountains on foot and by bike... and is invited to a Hungarian barbecue.   More...
71  votes
Submit Your Vote   |   Add Comment       16 comments   |   Topic: Hungary  

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