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 Travel Articles for Cook Is.
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Cook Islands
Submitted by lisa on 2007-06-25 01:52:26 (via
Sharing one’s vacation with a film-crew can be tough, but it has its advantages - one can have the beach to oneself and enjoy privacy while there are few tourists. In addition, the Cook Islands offer good accommodation facilities and delightful landscapes. What more could one wish for a harmonious vacation for two?
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December 14, 2001 (Aitutaki, Cook Islands)
Submitted by pablo on 2007-06-22 03:02:11 (via
The Cook Islands are an unspoiled tropical paradise - postcard scenery, ideal weather and reasonable food and lodging. Still, it is generally considered that you haven't really seen it until you get to its outer islands. So if you want to bask in the sun and experience genuine South Pacific friendliness, Aitutaki is the place to go.   More...
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