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 Travel Articles for Micronesia
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
David's travel in Micronesia
Submitted by bindero on 2008-11-11 07:47:10 (via
"Micronesia is an area of the world which I had wanted to visit for about six years. Before I arrived there I was a little concerned that I may have been disappointed with with the area once I actually saw it for real. I was not." why? check this story out and find out the marvelous gifts Micronesia has to offer to its visitors.
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Micronesia 13: Nan Midol, the Tiki Palace
Submitted by christine on 2007-06-26 03:37:12 (via
Nan Midol is an amazing Micronesian site consisting of about twenty little artificial islands created by making walls of basalt and filling them in with coral. Everything is pristine and natural, no trash in sight, no signs, nothing but the romance of stone ruins amidst jungle plants and the rising tide of the sea. Being there feels like Venice.
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