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 Travel Articles for Belize
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
Belize: A Secret of Nature
Submitted by Marvin Smith on 2011-11-25 09:44:21 (via
Belize is among the very few unblemished places in the world. It has drawn travelers from different parts of the globe. It is, of course, a wonderful place to visit !
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The World's Top Ten Dive Resorts
Submitted by meilisa on 2010-06-28 02:13:30 (via
Diving in the beautiful blue sea of the island, you can put on a professional diving suits and professional wear on diving equipment to experience the underwater world. In the submarine, you will find the beautiful coral reefs, numerous fish, underwater plants and colorful in the fascinating undersea landscape.
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Adventure in Placencia
Submitted by cleo on 2007-03-02 06:48:26 (via
This is a visit to Placencia, Belize: a wonderful place, with untouched beaches and majestic palm trees. A place where you can go snorkeling and enjoy the only Belizean beer available and a cool oceanside breeze. But what would be a vacation without a real adventure? Find out about the exotic Patrick.   More...
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Monkey River
Submitted by cleo on 2007-03-01 06:43:05 (via
Canoeing down the Monkey River, along thick green jungle walls, lulled by its constant buzz on a trip to meet the Belizean baboons. Unfortunately, instead of welcome they sent a “get lost” message by lobbing branches down like grenades on the enemy. Did you know about their ability and mechanism of roaring like King Kong?   More...
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Submitted by cleo on 2006-11-24 05:01:30 (via
Diving in Belize looks really unbelievable or un-belizeable ;o) A lot of nice and not so nice “fishes”! ;o) The most striking is the part were the divers are passing sharks one to another to pose with them for picture taking and the 7 hour boat ride home in the dark on a “boat” which had no lights. No problem! They had some candles. Just kidding;o)   More...
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