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 Travel Articles for Portugal
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
Northern Portugal: History, Architecture and Port Wine
Submitted by cmaingue on 2008-03-19 12:35:26 (via
For a relatively small country, Portugal offers a wide variety of scenery and sightseeing, from the majestic Douro River Valley in the north to the sunny beaches of the Algarve in the south. My favorite part of the country is northern Portugal, with its wonderful architecture, colorful local markets, and decorative azulejos.
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Portugal – December 2005
Submitted by roxy on 2007-05-24 04:18:32 (via
Lisbon can indeed maintain the chic of a very modern artsy city with the reminiscences of the trendy old Arab and the grandeur of the imperialistic style. You can witness this by visiting the Praça do Comércio with the Arco da Rua Augusta in December, where a giant Christmas tree is installed. It’s indeed a fairy atmosphere.   More...
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City Trip Lisbon
Submitted by bindero on 2007-05-24 03:54:47 (via
“Lisbon is very much aware of its own beauty. In every high lying place you find a miradouro with a great view of the city. And there is much to see. Moreover, Lisbon has a lively nightlife with restaurants, cafés and extraordinary old coffeehouses”. The look of the city is defined by trams dating for the XX century, museum pieces themselves.   More...
91  votes
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Simon Says: Go to the Algarve
Submitted by Adele on 2007-03-30 07:11:14 (via
From the description Quinto de Lago seems like a perfect place to visit in terms of value, especially if you are a golfer. For the non-golfer, this is still a brilliant place to relax: hiking trails, pottery painted in colorful designs, fine tablecloths and plenty of restaurants serving delicious food.   More...
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