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 Travel Articles for Uruguay
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
A Dialog of Echoes in Uruguay
Submitted by OmnivorousT on 2010-07-06 13:12:29 (via
Darrin DuFord digs into the Montevidean ethos to investigate the allure of the city’s street drumming, and finds that one culture’s quality-of-life violation is another’s benefit.
6  votes
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About Christmas time
Submitted by Kseniya on 2008-12-19 05:39:27 (via
In the early 17th century, a wave of religious reform changed the way Christmas was celebrated in Europe. When Oliver Cromwell and his Puritan forces took over England in 1645, they vowed to rid England of decadence and, as part of their effort, canceled Christmas.
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The Land That I'll Forget
Submitted by bindero on 2008-03-31 10:36:13 (via
It's interesting how critical reviews can enhance one's desire to visit a place and get a personal opinion on it. Even if you have already visited it. The same has happened to me with this article. If not for other features, Uruguay does impress in terms of people. Try it yourself and see if it works!   More...
4  votes
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Leaky Condos
Submitted by pablo on 2007-07-23 04:33:59 (via
“When you think of Uruguay what do you think of? If "not much" comes to mind then you would be in the majority. “ I don't know whether to be happy or sad for being in the majority. But hopefully, by reading this enjoyable report of some curious experience in the land of vintage cars, fields, cows, leaky condos and mate I rectified the situation ;)   More...
5  votes
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