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 Travel Articles for Egypt
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
Life in Modern Egypt
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-07-17 20:51:37 (via
Modern Egypt is a unique blend of the past and the present, offering the visitor a rare opportunity to travel back in time while enjoying all sorts of modern accomodations and amenities for today's sophisticated travelers.   More...
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Hurghada, Egypt
Submitted by christine on 2007-02-22 07:49:02 (via
No more than a fishing village fifteen years ago, Hurghada is now a city of forty thousand, whose big bang growth is attributable to just one thing: tourism. Although you may be annoyed by honking taxi drivers, sleazy date-seekers and insistent souvenir vendors, just a wider view on the beauties of Hurghada makes you forever love it!   More...
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The Temples or Luxor and Karnak
Submitted by kiwi on 2006-12-28 01:33:38 (via
Never thought something like this exist: a construction of true grandeur with an astonishing colonnade and dozens of sphinx and heads of kinds lining the streets. But how it can go about without some adventure at the airport or on the bus - an incident like this will forever change the psyche of a border guy (smile). This happens.:)
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Her Name is Nagat
Submitted by kiwi on 2006-12-15 02:50:48 (via
Cairo with its maze of streets and lanes, its quarters and bazaars is like a labyrinth invented by ancient storytellers. Cairo is like an ancient lady who has lived a thousand years or more, who has seen power come and go.., but there is another great thing she saw - something that leaves anybody bewildered…
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Beth’s Trip to Egypt
Submitted by bindero on 2006-11-16 02:53:52 (via
I never thought about an American’s perspective on Cairo, Egypt. I found it interesting, after reading this article: everything from food to taxi cabs seemed “incredibly inexpensive”, the people were friendly and the attractions – sometimes “odd”. Watch a lot of pictures and enjoy the experience of three Americans in the capital of belly dancing.
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