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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
A Tale of Ten Cities
Submitted by Laurentzi on 2007-05-04 11:39:59 (via
In Montpellier you should see the Antigone, the Arc d' Triumph, the aqueduct, and maybe the cathedral. Being in Chamonix during the winter means one thing - snowboarding. In St. Columb, especially around Chrismas, anticipate the beer delight. To find out what you can do in London, Budapest, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Olympia or Athens read on.
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Traveling with No Schedule
Submitted by Amber on 2007-05-04 10:41:49 (via
This is a travel around the South America. Not always a safe place, taking into account that you may get your sunglasses wrenched off in broad daylight, but still very beautiful and diverse in experience.
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Finland, Dresden and Prague
Submitted by bindero on 2007-05-03 10:11:57 (via
Besides the description of the landscape and the architecture of these three places, I liked the description of the women in these locations :). Why not? The climatic conditions of Europe make women look so beautiful, isn’t it?
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Julan's forever passion… USA and Europe
Submitted by lisa on 2007-04-13 03:43:10 (via
That’s so wonderful to be able to see many beautiful things in the cities that you visit. There are people living all their life in a city and not appreciating its beauty. This is an article that reveals a trip in the most beautiful cities in US and Europe.
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South East Asia
Submitted by roxy on 2007-04-05 10:44:07 (via
Here is an article which gives some tips of the must-sees in the South East Asian countries. Thailand, India, Cambodia and Indonesia aren’t just the capital cities and other some well known resorts. There are in fact some really great sites over there which are not yet invaded by the tourists. Checked!
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12 advices how to choose a hotel
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-04-01 16:34:07 (via
12 simple advices and tips how to choose a hotel   More...
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Libya/Tunisia Trip
Submitted by lisa on 2007-03-30 07:06:59 (via
Tunisia and Libya attracts tourists like magnets, not only by the climate and sea, but also by its culture, a combination of traditionalism and modernism. In Tunisia you see teenagers in designer clothes, talking on their cells with their moms wearing hijab. In Libya people are more traditional, though most women don’t wear hijab. So interesting!
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A trip down the Amazon River from Iquitos, Peru to Leticia, Columbia
Submitted by pablo on 2007-03-15 07:57:06 (via
Traveling from Peru to Columbia can be quite and experience. Whole families on motorbikes, overwhelming heat and humidity, intense traffic, hallucinogens and medicines that add virility, and beautiful, provocative women are all around. Sounds like nearly a paradise for men, no?   More...
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One Step Closer to Home
Submitted by pablo on 2007-03-01 02:04:18 (via
Do you believe in bad fortune? This couple has experienced a kind of bad luck while coming back from a trip in Morocco. And guess what the doubtful thing that grabbed the attention of the custom agents was? Some souvenirs – like a magic box, which was supposed to be filled with hash from Morocco.   More...
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Sand Ship Discovery
Submitted by cleo on 2007-02-23 04:10:05 (via
An unbelievable story! A trip on a second-hand 1966 CJ-5 Kaiser Corporation Jeep, starting from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, via the Pan-American Highway to the farthest road south on the South American Continent, then from Chile to Cape Town, South Africa, then up through Europe to Moscow, and so on… Lots of adventure and life-threatening situations!   More...
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