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 Travel Articles for Morocco
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
Pour un séjour à Marrakech
Submitted by azimar on 2010-12-23 12:12:20 (via (
Le riad est le produit quasi exclusif de Marrakech et cela en fait le succès dans le monde entier. Nous découvrons tous les jours des nouveaux touristes issus de nouvelles contrées souvent lointaines comme le Chine, L'Inde ou l'Amérique du Sud: la plupart rentrent chez eux avec le sentiment d'avoir vécu une aventure humaine hors du commun.   More...
1  votes
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Exploring Morocco: the Royal Cities
Submitted by ManjaB on 2010-11-25 01:17:47 (via
A very atmospheric travelogue that makes you want to leave for Morocco immediately. And the photos are stunning!   More...
11  votes
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Day Trips from Marrakech
Submitted by Anonymous on 2010-09-05 21:07:44 (via
A great suggestion where to go if you have day or few more to spare while visiting Marrakech
2  votes
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Mediterranean Morocco and the Perfect Place for Inspiration
Submitted by Anonymous on 2009-07-10 23:13:07 (via
Why Mediterranean Morocco Travel Should Be Taken By Everybody!
1  votes
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Touring in Morocco 2007
Submitted by bitrot on 2009-01-27 12:47:54 (via
Ancient cities and medinas of Morocco, High Atlas mountains, and the edge of the Sahara.
1  votes
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Highlights of Morocco
Submitted by ManjaB on 2008-09-13 06:41:41 (via
A vivid description of a trip to the royal cities of Morocco, the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara. A stunningly beautiful country with a long and interesting history. Check it out!   More...
82  votes
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Marrakech, Morocco - Let Me Be Your Guide!
Submitted by flock1 on 2008-02-22 09:44:04 (via
Snake charmers, mint tea, haggling in the souks. And of course, a run in with unwanted touts! Welcome to Marrakech!   More...
2  votes
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Mountains of Snow, Mountains of Sand
Submitted by Adele on 2007-04-11 10:38:07 (via
Here is a place where you have exclusively donkey parking lots and row after row of donkeys are lined up. In the butchery section of the market, goat seems to be the meat of choice, and everything you need to build your own goat carefully strings out for display: livers, intestines, legs, whole heads. But there are more curious things to learn…
1  votes
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Morocco – Kasbahs, Deserts & Oases
Submitted by roxy on 2006-12-20 02:39:17 (via
“Kasbahs, Berber and nomads. These are only some catchwords which describe Morocco”. What happened to my old dream, getting to see the desert? Reading this article made me vivdly imagine the powerful sand dunes and the amazing green oases in North Africa, and it got me started: I’m already putting money aside for the trip of my life. I’m serious!:)   More...
5  votes
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