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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
Seven Days in Tibet
Submitted by Amber on 2006-12-15 01:34:17 (via
This is a wonderful account on a trip around the Tibet Plateau amidst “interesting” companions in search for a place to go p.. and other hilarious moments and troubles on the road. Absolutely gorgeous Potala Palace, the old monasteries, however, outnumbered by the nightclubs and the fiercely religious people is a thing I can’t be sarcastic about.:|
1  votes
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A Glimpse of Kabul, Afghanistan
Submitted by bindero on 2006-12-13 02:04:45 (via
Have you ever been to a weird city, where dusty streets play host to scores of bearded men with intense stares, blue wraiths in ankle-length burkas, steely-eyed children and crippled old men whose eyes bespoke hunger and cold? Try Kabul, Afghanistan. Despite all these, it still gives great stories for travelers to tell! Like this one.
5  votes
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Lake Maninjau
Submitted by christine on 2006-12-13 02:02:17 (via
Ok, think about a place that reflects the sky and surrounding crater in the most beautiful way during daytime and brings up lake monsters in the night time. In other words, here’s a great travelogue about Lake Maninjau in Indonesia, where you could find Internet Café’s even in those peaceful surroundings. To navigate on the web, of course…
3  votes
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An Island of Paramount Architectural Beauty
Submitted by cleo on 2006-12-08 03:36:58 (via
I only saw pics of Taj Mahal and since sculpture and architecture fascinate me more then painting, I definitely though of it as a jewel of proportion. Reading a first hand account gave me a more real idea of it and it’s surroundings: it’s truly an incomparable beauty, but in the midst of an, unfortunately, filthy area...   More...
4  votes
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Sirocco Roof Bar Restaurant
Submitted by kiwi on 2006-12-08 02:39:27 (via
“Pretty breathtaking, jutting into the skyline of the city like the deck of a space ship with the entrancing glow of the Sky Bar. Its astonishing atmosphere is only a complement to its excellent cuisine... To add to this, the Sirocco bar is also one of Bangkok’s best live jazz venues, featuring international performers…” I want there!!!   More...
4  votes
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My trip to Japan
Submitted by Adele on 2006-12-08 01:08:06 (via
This is a great trip to follow on with this people as they move from one place to another from the moment they left home to the moment then came back. I can’t explain how, but as I read it at my own pace, it felt as if I was there traveling along. Also, at the end there is a list of recommendations and unusual things to expect. Japan sounds cool!   More...
1  votes
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I become a Pod Person
Submitted by bindero on 2006-12-04 03:24:05 (via
How many spent their night in a capsule hotel? I didn’t, I NEED SPACE. Still, the deal is better than I’d imagined: every “capsule” has a TV and a radio in, there’s plenty of food, etc. Since I’ll visit Japan soon, I might give the Capsule Hotel a try. And space shouldn’t be an issue, if sumo-like folks manage to get a great night sleep there :).   More...
5  votes
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Thailand travelogue
Submitted by pablo on 2006-11-30 02:16:40 (via
Here’s a very easy-to-read trip report about Thailand, with great pictures. A place of beauty and paradox, where poor people lay on the streets and shortly beyond them, giant skyscrapers and golden-colored temples loom. It’s real Heaven for us westerners though: cheap food, cheap clothing, cheap everything. Still, the experience is priceless…
6  votes
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Catherine's Pros and Cons of Cambodia
Submitted by roxy on 2006-11-29 02:35:34 (via
I don’t this a perfect destination exists, so it’s OK to admit the pro’s and con’s of a place. And if you do that in a funny way, you’ve got a good article in your hands! Cambodia is a country I haven’t heard much about, but as long as it’s got silent beaches and a barber shop called “Kennedy” (for unknown reasons), it’s got me for future visits.   More...
3  votes
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Our Really Big Adventure
Submitted by bindero on 2006-11-27 03:51:26 (via
What’s the worst occurrence while on an island? Dealing with cold or rainy weather? Getting out of money? Think twice! How about having bikinis outlawed, with a 6-month prison sentence for offenders? I’d say that’s tough… And also, there’s little or no alcohol available in The Perhentian Islands. So what’s left to do? DIVING! Read more…   More...
4  votes
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