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 Travel Articles for India
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
Raj Ghat, The Heart and Soul of India
Submitted by christine on 2007-02-02 06:15:51 (via
It’s amazing to see how different religious places or events, apparently not likely to affect persons not involved in, brings people to tears or to deep emotions. This happened to the author of this article, who has visited the tomb of Gandhi in New Delhi. I must confess, I was touched too just by reading this article.
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North Bengal
Submitted by lisa on 2007-02-02 05:53:55 (via
“If we have to be poor, we prefer being poor in a place like this. Poverty here is both poetic and picturesque, not heart-breaking, nor revolting as in the slums of Bombay or Calcutta”. This is about the villages in the Himalayans. And indeed, what can be more romantic than meet the New Year in a cottage in Himalaya Mountains?
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Visiting Sikkim: India's Newest State
Submitted by gonomad on 2007-01-29 09:11:15 (via
A place with astounding valleys and spectacular mountains, where you lose mobile connection along with the sense of time. In author’s opinion, if Elves and Hobbits can exist anywhere, it has to be in North Sikkim. Now I know where to look for them :O)
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Awful India Facts
Submitted by bindero on 2007-01-19 04:53:53 (via
This is India from the perspective of an American tourist, describing the spendid temples of Delhi, but also people sleeping in parking lots; people with all sort of headgear and wild dress; lotsa folks asking for handouts; people selling all sorts of paraphenalia. It’s an impressive and touchy article, which I liked a lot.   More...
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An Island of Paramount Architectural Beauty
Submitted by cleo on 2006-12-08 03:36:58 (via
I only saw pics of Taj Mahal and since sculpture and architecture fascinate me more then painting, I definitely though of it as a jewel of proportion. Reading a first hand account gave me a more real idea of it and it’s surroundings: it’s truly an incomparable beauty, but in the midst of an, unfortunately, filthy area...   More...
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Kamshet: Circus in the Sky
Submitted by roxy on 2006-11-23 01:57:41 (via
Yeah, India is a great place to visit, but I didn’t know it’s also one of the best spots for paragliding… I’ve never had the courage to do it myself and maybe that’s why I found this article exciting and interesting. Reading about other people’s extreme adventures is an adventure itself! Just a SAFER one. :)   More...
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My First Trip to India
Submitted by cleo on 2006-11-09 03:54:03 (via
“I could not get enough of it, says Kelly, the fantastic beaches of Goa, Jaipur filled with much color, culture, and, unfortunately, air pollution. In Udaipur I saw a camel exhale cigarette smoke and the traditional Indian wedding became one of the real highlights of the trip”. What an awesome experience! I want there too!   More...
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