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 Travel Articles for India
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
A passage 'around' India
Submitted by justint on 2008-12-23 07:05:58 (via
Photos and notes of my 3 month backpaking journey from Goa to Goa via Darjeeling and the rest of India in 1996 and tips for other travellers travelling there. This was such a great journey, unforgettable, I hope I can tell in these pages what a great time it was, a life changing experience.   More...
2  votes
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Classic Rajasthan
Submitted by Intrepidtravel on 2008-10-20 14:14:07 (via
Experience a taste of rural Rajasthan, Admire the Taj Mahal, Scout the Brahmin-blue lanes of Bundi, Discover the many faces of Delhi, Watch local craftspeople create their wares, Catch a Bollywood blockbuster, Spot wildlife in Ranthambhore National Park,
1  votes
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Leaving Wonderland
Submitted by BigFatRat on 2008-04-21 22:18:31 (via
The more time you spend in India, the more it changes you. Some tourists will love it, many will hate it. The rest will be deeply confused, wondering whether they should return for a second helping of this incredible blend of rotten life, pervading spirituality and sublime beauty...   More...
2  votes
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Delhi - Order amongst the chaos
Submitted by flock1 on 2008-04-04 17:30:57 (via
5 days in Delhi, with a side trip to Agra to boot. The Shatabdi Express is only 2 hours from Delhi to Agra - the home of the Taj Mahal.   More...
1  votes
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A kind of third-world New-York
Submitted by BigFatRat on 2008-03-01 07:58:05 (via
When I got off the train in Mumbai at the old Victoria Terminus I was already 4 weeks in my Indian vacation and hating most of it, especially the cities. But then, something happened...   More...
4  votes
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Indian Tiger Stories
Submitted by Anonymous on 2007-06-07 00:22:35 (via
Article on tiger adventures in Indian Tiger Reserves and National Parks. The author explores forests for birds animals and comes across tigers, leopards and other animals to submit narrations on the adventure.   More...
3  votes
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Some of India and Nepal
Submitted by kiwi on 2007-05-14 03:33:08 (via
“Most travelers will tell you that they either loved or hated India. While it is admittedly a squalid, crowded, difficult place to travel, it was nevertheless one of the most exotic, colorful, and rewarding parts of my journey.” Short and at the same time highlighting the most worth seeing things, without hiding the reality.
1  votes
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The New India
Submitted by lisa on 2007-05-11 04:38:53 (via
The India’s “WOW” factor drives people no matter how many times they visited it before. “Even in the centre of the cities you can see people that looked like they’ve just walked out of the Old Testament. Drivers can and do pull out into the road, even major highways, without a signal or even bothering to look in their mirror”. Sounds promising:).   More...
5  votes
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Submitted by bindero on 2007-04-13 03:51:10 (via
India – a mysterious country where cows freely walk across the streets, being considered holy animals. But don’t be disorientated but the big number of temples and the cows that remind you of the spirituality of Indians: be twice as careful with your stuff, so that you don’t become disappointed after visiting it.   More...
1  votes
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Oirika Honki Ponki
Submitted by Adele on 2007-04-12 07:46:19 (via
So, what do you do, when traveling to India and you find out right when you are already in front of a temple that women are not allowed to enter it during their period.., then, later in the day you get banged by one of the many street cows… But this is not all: all of a sudden a man in a turban approaches you… I guess you call it a bad hair day.   More...
1  votes
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