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 Travel Articles for India
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
How to Succeed in Delhi
Submitted by Amber on 2007-04-06 10:16:50 (via
I’ve had so much fun reading this article... What a smart girl! Figuring out a way how to escape the hoards of sellers trying to sell you something, or how to avoid the taxi drivers who don’t know where the hotel you’re looking for is, but always know a cheaper, better one, is not an easy task. But she managed…   More...
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Submitted by christine on 2007-03-15 08:36:22 (via
Remember Columbus and the Spice Islands?- That’s Kochin! It’s one of the most beautiful smelling cities in India. The language is Malayaam, which sounds like if you rolled your tongue indiscriminately and said "blublub". The writing constitutes of what looks like a lot of curly 'm's and 'w's. So nice. Coconuts? Everywhere! Overall? Very fine!
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Tomorrow May Never Come
Submitted by Amber on 2007-03-15 08:20:38 (via
Going to India might be a disappointment, unless you take into account that you’ve actually entered a culture different then yours. So, when things don’t go the way you were assured they will, don’t conclude everybody’s a liar. Rather, take it a jest of kindness. I know, I know it’s hard. Maybe a visit to Bollywood will help take off the pressure?   More...
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Things To Know Before You Go to Southern India
Submitted by bindero on 2007-03-14 10:03:01 (via
This article is a bit shocking for me. When you choose a destination to go or article to read, you expect to find out how beautiful this country is and how wonderful someone felt there. But this is not the case. Here you will find a lot of things which tourists do not speak in public about India.   More...
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Travel During a Time of War
Submitted by roxy on 2007-03-14 09:57:51 (via
How is it to be American and travel during the war with Iraq in India, where people are the most concerned about political situation in the world? It is sometimes difficult, if you meet people with strong anti US or anti war visions. Then you are tempted to say you are Canadian, but you resist and go further. At least you are not traveling in Iraq.
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Cherrapunjee: Where Rain Is Measured In Feet
Submitted by lisa on 2007-02-27 08:54:24 (via
It is an article about the irony of the nature. Cherrapunjee, the wettest place on the earth, belief it or not, attracts tourists, too. And here it comes the irony. Seven days and it only rained 10 inches, and this is only by night. What is left to do in this case? – waking up at 3AM and with only a flashlight have the desired walk in the rain!   More...
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Our Really Big Adventure
Submitted by bindero on 2007-02-20 09:08:10 (via
“With over a billion people, 200 languages and dialects, 25 states, innumerable religions, sects, tribes and cultures, India is a country united in its diversity. India has so much to offer, so much variety, such rich history, but there’s no denying that it can be a hard place to travel at times”. After reading this article I understood why…   More...
2  votes
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Amazing place
Submitted by roxy on 2007-02-14 08:20:00 (via
India – one of the most controversial country in the world, where the richest and the poorest people live nearby, the land of the smartest and wisest philosophy and a country with one of the greatest number of analphabets. India lefts no one indifferent, this article proves it one more time to be so.   More...
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Ripped off in India
Submitted by cleo on 2007-02-09 02:02:51 (via
Ha! This is quite a story! I know I would not want to end up so, neither would I wish that for anybody else. There is a good lesson for all to learn: never let yourself be fooled by the Asians’ eagerness to help you and show you around. Of course, you shouldn’t become paranoid either – find the right balance.
1  votes
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India Trip
Submitted by bindero on 2007-02-02 08:15:42 (via
It has always been a touchy moment for me travelling and discovering my own country. That is why I liked this article very much. I could see a part of India, far from the biggest cities through Indian eyes, written into a travelogue, with elements of novel and spoken language.
2  votes
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