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 Travel Articles for Kazakhstan
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Here you will read some of the best, most captivating and humorous travel experiences, shared by your fellow travelers.
Travel article from Icy Astana in Kazakstan
Submitted by jantravs on 2011-01-13 08:31:29 (via
Paul Taylor is currently out in Kazakhstan and has been sending back some pictures and a bit of a diary about his travels.   More...
1  votes
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Thoughts on Kazakhstan
Submitted by christine on 2007-06-14 01:47:04 (via
Kazakhstan is full of anomalies where nothing quite adds up, neither Asia nor Europe, but betwixt and between. People go to any lengths to help you feel welcome in their country. At times, this can go quite far and become annoying. Here is a curious experience in Kazakhstan of two girls who set off on a journey supporting a charitable cause.   More...
3  votes
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