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Alaska is the final frontier of America in the Arctic Circle. Famous for its outdoor activities, the Northern Lights, Alaska is also home to the USA’s largest bears – the polar bear and the Kodiak brown bear. You can go on Polar Bear Tours on Barter Island and see Kodiak bears in the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. Fly over Columbia Glacier or go on a day cruise to see the fastest moving glacier in the world. Juneau has splendid hiking trails just waiting to be explored, while east of Fairbanks you can relax in the Chena Hot Springs. Go Husky sledging or pan for gold at Crow Creek Mine. For the less sportive, Alaska has many fine museums and the wonderful Alaska Native Heritage Center to visit.
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Ugashik Lake and Kodiak Bear Camp Ugashik Lake and Kodiak Bear Camp

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40 yrs in family w/ record book Brn bear, Moose, Sitka Deer & Mtn. goat on Kodiak Isl & the AK Pen., fishing trips too.

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Fishing lodges
USD 250 - 1400 Per day Alaska

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Southest Alaska Humpback Adventure "Can you see it?!" A sea-green surface nearly as smooth as glass stretches off in all directions. Towering spruce trees growing thickly to the water's edge reflect deep green against the jumbled, rocky, shore. A gentle breeze blows chill across your face as you stand frozen with anticipation, your eyes steadily panning the surface... Read more >>>
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