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Aruba Vacations

Feel the need for a relaxing holiday to recharge your batteries? Come to Aruba and relax in the sun and enjoy the sleepy pace on this lovely island. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Aruba and the Historical Museum housed in Fort Zoutman to learn about early Aruban culture. Explore the extensive cave systems to see Arawak Indian rock drawings and fascinating stalactites and stalagmites. Snorkel at Hadicurari Beach and around De Palm Island’s coral reef. Kite and wind surf off Arashi Beach and go diving to explore a German shipwreck and see parrotfish. Hike in Arikok National Park and visit the Bubali Bird Sanctuary. Climb the 562 steps to the top of Mount Hooiberg for great views of Aruba and a glimpse of Venezuela on a clear day.
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Scuba Diving in Aruba
Come and scuba dive in Aruba! We also offer specialty courses like wreck diver and underwater photographer. Come and dive with us!

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USD 55 - 900 / Per person
Scuba diving operators
Dive boat
Diving instructor
Scuba diving center
Duration: 1 - 255 days
Season: January - December

Aruba Island Tour
High lights of Aruba Tour

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USD 45 / Per person
Duration: 1 days
Season: January - December