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Australia and Oceania Vacations

There is no other part of the world that says island vacation like Oceania. Think of it as a larger scale Venice, but instead of having buildings separated by water, you have nations. Among Oceania's nations, Australia stands out as the biggest and most varied in landscapes, weather and even culture. Australia is the 6th biggest country in the world and occupies the entire Australian continent. It is situated just under the equator, making most of its north a year round summer-zone, while the south even experiences snow in winter. There are over a dozen UNESCO natural sights in Australia, other than the usual attractions of wilderness and wildlife. Australia also offers quite the cosmopolitan lifestyle in its major coastal cities, which rank among the best developed in the world.
American Samoa (1) Australia (271) Cook Island (6) Fiji (19) Micronesia (7) New Caledonia (4) New Zealand (341) Pacific Island (2) Palau (3) Papua New Guinea (5) Solomon Island (10) Tahiti (2) Tokelau (1) Tonga (10) Truk (2) Vanuatu (2) Wake Island (1)

Australia and Oceania Travel Stories
A kayaking adventure around Auckland Two bright magenta sea kayaks are waiting on the little golden beach next to Devonport. We'll certainly be visible on the sea! The harbour is an amazing emerald green, and liquorice allsorts houses glow brightly in the warm evening. It's in a moment of peace, before my swarthy guide, Jamie, from The Little Adventure Company,... Read more >>>
Where the Day Begins In Vava'u, one of the three main groups of islands that make up the Kingdom of Tonga, there is a charter sailing yacht named Melinda that sometimes goes out on day trips. I don't know how many people were aboard the Melinda the day they saw 17 whales at one time, but from the number who were able to give me the full story when I arrived a... Read more >>>
Walking and Kayaking in New Zealand’s Abel Tasman National Park Near the water's edge, some small irregularity in the smooth surface had caught the eye of our trekking guide. bending down, he scraped away wet, golden sand with the tip of a finger. There was a sudden glint of green. John Glasgow's find was a rare fragment of polished pounamu, the greenstone or nephrite so prized by the Maoris.... Read more >>>
Paddling In Paradise "Sea Kayaking in Tonga with a Canadian couple based at Waitati (Otago) becomes a treasured winter break for a Kiwi from Christchurch." On day one I explore the main town of Vava'u, Neiafu, home to most of the island group's 20,000 locals. There are a dozen or so yachts in the Port of Refuge, one of the best harbours in the Pacific,... Read more >>>
Stalking the Large Trout of Australia Tasmania the southern most island state of Australia is the premiere fly fishing destination. There are several features that make the trout fishing in Tasmania a unique fly fishing experience. Above all else is the tremendous stalking and sight fishing that's available on many of the Central Highland Lakes. All trout in Tasmania are... Read more >>>
Paddling Fiji's Kadavu Island Rationally, I knew cannibals no longer waged brutal, blood-thirsty warfare in these parts. Still, I experienced a brief flicker of doubt as we were escorted into the presence of a rather sinister-looking chief in a remote village called Ravitaki on one of the less-traveled of the Fiji archipelago's 350 inhabited islands. Sure, the natives at the Sheraton on the main island were friendly, but who... Read more >>>
The Tongan Cowboy Adventurer, sea kayaker and environmentalist Doug Spence and his partner-wife Sharon discovered the Vava'u Islands in the Kingdom of Tonga while on a sea kayaking expedition several years ago. Today they spend half their time in the island group operating their Friendly Islands Kayak Company - introducing other adventurers to the joys of... Read more >>>
Lasting Impressions A private visit to the Australian Outback with AndrГ© Vogel of Colonial Pacific. There was a shout of surprised excitement as my four guests looked down from the twin engined Piper Navajo to the dusty little airstrip below. I had been pointing out the homestead of the Australian Outback cattle station, our overnight stop, when six or seven wild camels - bulls, cows and a couple of calves - had... Read more >>>

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