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Bhutan is a country of stunning mountains and valleys and no visitor will ever forget its beauty or the friendliness of the people. The religion here is predominately Buddhist and the temples and state buildings are incredible. Deeply involved in conservationism, the country has twelve protected areas such as the Torsa Strict Nature Reserve, home to several endangered species such as the snow leopard, and the Phobjikha Valley, where black-necked cranes arrive from the Tibetan Plateau to spend the winter months. The National Library exhibits holy scriptures and books and the Handicraft Emporium sells beautiful locally-made items. The Watchtower in Paro houses the National Museum of Bhutan which traces the country’s history through a lovely collection of antiques, fossils and stone tools dating back to 2000 BC.
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Welcome to Bhutan, The Last Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom in the World.

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USD 200 - 240 Per day Thimphu

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