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Bulgaria is a wonderful, diverse country well worth visiting. Discover Sofia with its excellent museums and stunning churches. Tour Plovdiv with its cobble-stone streets and Roman amphitheater and the ancient fortress in Belogradchik. Explore the Magura Cave and the Belogradchik Rocks near Rabisha Lake. See icons and rare frescoes in Batchkovo Monastery and ancient woodcarvings in Rila Monastery. Don't miss the historic art and church relics in Veliko Turnovo and the magnificent Roman baths in Varna. Admire the strange pyramids and try the fine wines in Melnik. Go mountain climbing and mountain biking in the Rhodopi Mountains. See the magnificent Trigrad Gorge and explore the Devil's Throat Cave and the Haramiiska Cave. Go hiking along the many well-marked hiking trails and spend the day on the glorious beaches along the coast where you can practice water sports.
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Bulgarian for foreigners Bulgarian for foreigners
Discover the language and the culture of Bulgaria in one of the oldest cities in the world - Plovdiv!

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EUR 12 - 14 / Per person
Language Schools
Duration: days
Season: January - December

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