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For an off the beaten track holiday, choose Finland. Discover beautiful Helsinki with its parks, such as Sibelious Park with its fabulous steel monument, its museums and the Suomenlinna Fortress. Admire buildings by famous architect Alvar Aalto in Jyvaskyla and explore the lovely town of Turku. Head out to Lapland to visit the superb Siida Museum in Inari and the Arktikum Science Museum in Rovaniemi. Finnish Lapland boasts six National Parks where you will see plenty of reindeers. In the thirty-odd other National Parks you can enjoy hiking and canoeing. Try white water rafting in the Oulanka National Park and along the Kukkolankoski rapids. Have fun on the Aaland Islands where water sports and cycling are popular pastimes. Explore Lakeland’s beautiful countryside and enjoy a sauna in Kuopio.
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Tallin - Helsinki: Two Nordic Capitals
A fantastic 4 days tour that combines visiting Estonia and Finland, with their great, Nordic capitals, Tallin Old Town, Rocca Al Mare open air museum and Helsinki.

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EUR 199 - 240 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Duration: 4 days
Season: September - August

White Summer Nights
Our holiday offers you a mixture of a relaxing and an active holiday, sauna after canoeing, hiking and biking, swimming, Karelian kitchen with fish,vegetables, mushrooms and berries.

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EUR 390 - 950 / Per person
Bicycle Touring
Duration: 9 days
Season: June - August

Cycling and Canoeing in North Karelia
This round tour by bike and canoe. We’ll bike 2 days and then take the canoes and paddle along a slowly streaming river. We will overnight in three different guesthouses and at one cabin.

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EUR 490 - 1045 / Per person
Duration: 9 days
Season: July

Cross-country Skiing in North Karelia
Daily skiing tour is between 15 and 30 km and 6 to 8 hours with breaks. You should already be able to ski and have a good condition, you also get fitter every day!

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EUR 980 / Per person
Skiing & Snowboarding
Duration: 8 days
Season: February - March

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