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Gabon is a friendly country and in the Capital, Libreville, the locals will make you feel very welcome in the lively clubs and bars. The Marché Mont Bouet is a crafts market where you can buy authentic locally-made souvenirs. On the seafront you will see splendid 20-ft tall Gabonese statues and in the Arboretum de Sybang you can admire over 1000 different species of trees. The Crystal Mountain National Park is one of Gabon’s many national parks and has a magnificent collection of orchids. You will also be able to see forest elephants and other animals in their natural habitat. Fishing is a popular pastime in Gabon and you can hire the equipment necessary for sea, river or lagoon fishing. There are also lovely beaches that offer a variety of water sports.
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Gabon - Rainforest Birds & Mammals I, São Tomé & Príncipe Endemics I & Ivindo River Martin I
Our tour takes us to Lope and Loango National Parks, where we will seek herds of Forest Elephant and Forest Buffalo, sounders of Red River Hogs and a plethora of monkeys.

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EUR 6450 - 11300 / Per person
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 14 - 25 days
Season: July - August

Cultural Tour of Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo 10% off.
Go on a journey of cultural discovery with this 12-day tour of "Africa's Last Eden" Gabon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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USD 6556 - 7290 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 12 days
Season: January - December
Democratic Republic of the Congo

Enjoy Africa in Miniature 10% off.
This tour is a safari that includes trekking, mountain climbing, individual and group excursions in Cameroon overland to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea

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USD 1000 - 4365 / Per person
Mountain/Rock Climbing
National Parks
Duration: 4 - 22 days
Season: January - December
Equatorial Guinea