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With its rich history, Italy is an important tourist destination. Visit Rome to see the Colosseum, the Pantheon and the magnificent Trevi Fountain. Discover Padua’s Scrovegni Chapel whose frescoes rival those in the Sistine Chapel. See Michelangelo’s statue “David” in Florence and stroll across the ancient Pont Vecchio Bridge. Admire the famous Leaning Tower in Pisa and see the early Christian monuments in Ravenna. Spend a few days exploring romantic Venice aboard a gondola to marvel at the beautiful palaces and bridges. Take the Sentiero Azzurro that connects five splendid villages along the coast in Cinque Terre National Park; hike and climb in the Valle d'Aosta region and spend a day exploring ancient Pompeii. Go on a cruise to Sicily to climb Mount Etna and to visit the macabre Capuchin Monastery Catacombs.
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Reggio Emilia and surroundings
Talking and Tasting – The Food Valley - Duration 4 hours Visit to a dairy Visit to a vinegar cellar Visit to a ham producing plant Visit to a wine cellar Visit to a farm

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EUR 35 - 50 / Per person
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Season: January - December
Reggio nell Emilia

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Italy Travel Stories
Maremma - The Wild West of Tuscany Tuscany the land of yearning: since centuries the former European cultural center holds its many visitors spellbound. Most tourists however, visit only the famous and much traveled region between Florence and Sienna. We on the other hand traveled into a vastly unknown, wild and remote Tuscan region: the Maremma. "Maremma maiala"... Read more >>>
In Search of Tuscan Treasures My sister, Elene, had the idea of purchasing a hand painted chest of drawers. She wanted the kind that bulge of out their contours in that rococco style that evokes a more graceful age. What better excuse for a trip to Italy? We were interested in antiques, but also in contemporary artisan products. We focused on Tuscany, and... Read more >>>
Amalfi - Paradise Revisited Amalfi speaks to my soul. Crystal clear azure water lapping against craggy black rocks creating translucent foam. Magenta bougainvillea and lush verdant ivy cascading down steep walls, Terraces of fragrant lemon groves carved into the hillsides. Faded pastel homes clinging to the mountainsides. The enticing aroma of pizzas baking in wood... Read more >>>
Become a Savvy Traveller The Duomo in Milan. At first site, the size alone overwhelms the senses. As you draw closer, colossal figures fill all space and block the sky. Magnificent doors draw you with anticipation into cool darkness, and suddenly everything wonderful surrounds you. Stained glass and flying buttresses, stone and jewels, incense and candles, angels... Read more >>>