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Luxembourg is tiny and can be visited in a couple of days, but do stay longer to uncover some real gems that you’d miss on a shorter visit. Luxembourg City is fabulous to explore with the delightful Grund quarter and the Old Town which is home to the Palais Grand Ducal and Notre Dame Cathedral. Cross the curious Pont du Chateau to the Bock to see the ruins of the 10th century castle and the ancient casemates. Visit the splendid museums in the city to learn about Luxembourg’s interesting history. Discover the medieval towns of Clervaux and Echternach , and take a chairlift up the mountain to a viewing platform for a stupendous view of Vianden and its castle. The Upper Sure National Park offers water sports and the Mullerthal region is fantastic for hiking and rock-climbing.
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Northern Star
In this wonderful 8-day biking tour you will visit three countries where will discover amazing cultures and places!

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USD 2125 / Per person
Bicycle Touring
Duration: 8 days
Season: July