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Mangalore Tours

InfoHub.com offers some of the most out-of-the-ordinary Mangalore tours and vacations. Many of the Mangalore tour packages feature unique opportunities pertaining to Mangalore tourism, that you are not likely to find anywhere else. Browse through them and click on the tour package name to see the tour details. You can contact the travel supplier to: ask questions, order a free brochure, or inquire about availability with no obligations to purchase.

Supernatural Occurings
Come with us to visit the mystic destinations on the foot of the Western Ghats. Unravel the India's mysteries!

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USD 300 - 325 / Per person
Yoga & Spiritual Experience
Duration: 3 days
Season: September - May

The Mix of the Coast
Join our agricultural tour and we will give you the mixture of the Coastal destination!

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USD 700 - 750 / Per person
Island Vacation
Duration: 5 days
Season: November - May

Jain Circuit
Have a great pilgrimage and spirituality tour to Tibet. Join our tour and visit to the ancient ruins of the lost city of the Pepper Queen, which was a Jain Kingdom!

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USD 400 - 500 / Per person
Duration: 4 days
Season: October - May

Architectural Wonders of Karnataka
Try us, we offer you the guarantee of being looked after very well without being bothered. We offer a 6-day tour where you can see examples of Indo Sarsanic, Moghul and Indian Architecture!

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USD 900 - 1000 / Per person
Cultural Journey
Duration: 7 days
Season: October - May