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While in Italy, take time to explore the tiny enclave of San Marino. Tour the Public Palace to see the Council Hall and the Hall of Congress. Watch the changing of the guard in the morning or early evening. Explore the narrow winding streets of the medieval city center which are lined with small, interesting shops. Visit the “Three Towers”: Guaita, with its 10th century pentagonal base, the 11th Century Cesta which houses the Museum of Archaic Arms and the 13th century Mantale with its 8 meter-deep prison. See the Throne of the Regents in the exquisite Basilica of the Saint, which also houses the relics of St Marino. Discover the fine museums such as the National Museum, the Museum of the Emigrant in the Santa Chiara Monastery and the strange Museum of Curious Objects.
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Ride a BMW from the Mediterranean to the Adriatic in irresistible, irreplaceable, irrepressible Italy!

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