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Serbia is somewhat neglected as a tourist destination but it has a lot to offer and visitors leave here with happy memories of this friendly country. Discover Belgrade with its historic Old Town, its magnificent Fortress and the stunning Cathedral of St Sava. Tour its superb museums such as the Museum of Yugoslav History and the Ethnographical Musuem. Visit the lovely city of Novi Sad on the Danube with its wonderful Petrovaradin Fortress and nearby Fantast Castle. Serbia has a lot of medieval monasteries, such as the Studenica Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Zica Monastery with its beautiful frescoes. Explore the important archaeological sites of Viminacium and Gamzigrad with their exceptional Roman remains. Don’t miss Fruska Cora National Park with its wineries, the deep gorges of Tara National Park and the breathtaking Djerdap National Park, through which runs the Danube.
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Excursion in Belgrade
This is a tour guide service in Serbia enjoying sightseeing in this wonderful country admiring panoramic sites of Belgrade.

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EUR 45 / Per person
Tour Guide
Season: January - December
Novi Sad

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