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Proffessional Tour Guide in Turkey
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Proffessional Tour Guide in Turkey

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Key Information:
Group Size: 3 - 30 people
Destination: Izmir
Season: January - December
Languages: English, Russian
Minimum Cost: 120 Euro (EUR) Per day
Maximum Cost: 150 Euro (EUR) Per day

So far more than ten thousand people around the world have made their tours with me in Turkey. The main thing is I like this job, which is the most important thing to be successful.
Welcome and let’s share the experience. Let us change information and knowledge. Let me show you the Turkish Hospitality.

Places of Interest

- Western Turkey: - Istanbul, - Gallipoli, - Troy, - Assos, - Pergamon, - Smyrna (Izmir), - Ephesus, - Tralleis, - Nysa, - Pamaukkale, - Piene, - Miletos, - Dydima, - Euromos, - Bodrum. A tour can be shaped among those sites listed above and can be performed at any time proper. And for the western Turkey one of the main tours is made to Seven Churches which are: Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamon, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia and Laodicea.

- Ankara and Cappadocia: As the capital of the country Ankara is a political, cultural and economic center. The old name was Angora. In Ankara Ataturk's Mausoleum is a must to see. Ankara Museum for Anatolian Civilizations is another unique place which must be seen when in Ankara. In the city of Corum Hattusa- the capital of Hittite Empire can be visited and also the Open Air Temple of the 12 Gods.As for Cappadocia.

- Black Sea Region: The main attracting thing in this region is its nature. Beautiful forests, endemeic flowers and so many different animals and plants can be found here. St. Sophia Monastery in Trabzon and Sumela Monastery in Macka are musts to see in the region.

- Eastern and South-Eastern Turkey: As the other parts of the country, Eaest Anatolia also has its beauties. Some sites to be visited can be listed as: Erzurum - the Tombs, the Medrese (old school) with two minarets, Clock Tower. The city Kars has its own city design, in 40 km far from Kars there is old city Ani, the city is one of the unique ones in Turkey. The highest mountain in Turkey Ararat (5.136m) is also in this region. It is widely believed that the Noah's Arch landed on Ararat. In Van you may visit the island Akdamar where a church which was built in the 9th century AD. The waterfall Muradiye, Hoşap Castle is some other places that must be visited during a Eastern Turkey Tour.

- Antalya and Its Environs: Today Antalya is the 'capital' of Turkish tourism. It is one of the most visited destinations in Turkey. But many people go there to spend their holidays. In Antalya: Yivli Minare(Fluted Minaret), Carain cave, Termessos, Kurshunlu Waterfall, Phaselis, Simena, St. Nicholas Church in Myra, Myra rock tombs, Xantos, Aspendos Theatre, Side Theatre are only some of the sites that are also a must to be seen.

- Hierapolis (Pamukkale): t's about 20 km north of Denizli. It is called a Holy City in Archeological literature, because there were many temples and religious buildings in Hierapolis. The ancient city is situated between several historical areas. According to the ancient geographers, Strabon and Ptolemaios, Hierapolis was very close to Laodicea and Tripolis which was in Kario's Border. That's why it was a Phrygian City. There is no information about Hierapolis' history before the Hellenistic Era, but we know there was a city there before then. It's called Hierapolis because of its Mother goddess Cult. Information about Hierapolis is limited. It is known that the king of Pergamum, Eumenes II, founded the city in 190 BC. It was named Hierapolis after the Amazon's Queen Hiera, the wife of Telephos, the founder of Pergamum. (Pergamum is also called Pergamon or Pergamos).

- Gallipoli (Troy) Region: Gallipoli(Çanakkale) Battlefields of 1915 are visited. Also the ancient Troy is seen. In the region the ancient city Assos can be visited as well- where Aristoteles lived for 3 years (348-345 BC) and established his own school and also married a girl here and also here was St. Paul for a while. The mountain Ida (Kaz Dagi) is the place where the first beauty contest in mythology was organized. Helen, Aphrodite and Hera were the participants and Paris had to select one of them. He did so but caused the famous, long lasting Troyan War, which lasted for 10 years and ended with the fall of Troy.

The entrance fees are not included in the price.
The price given is only per day and per trip.
My service starts at the meeting point and end at the agreed point.
Daily tour can be between: 08:30 - 18:00 Euro - 150
Night tours: 19:00- 24:00 Euro - 75
This price includes the services of an official local tour guide and all taxes.
The expenses and the entrance fees are additional.