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Guided Tours in Turkey
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Guided Tours in Turkey

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Key Information:
Group Size: 5 - 30 people
Destination: Izmir
Season: January - December
Languages: English, Russian
Minimum Cost: 120 Euro (EUR) Per day
Maximum Cost: 150 Euro (EUR) Per day

Places of Interest:

- Istanbul And Its Environs: Istanbuls, itself, is an object to be seen. It is a center of accumulated culture, starting with Byzas, Constantine and finally Fatih Sultan Mehmet. Istanbul was the capital of Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. That is why the city must be seen, otherwise the words are not enough to describe the beauties of it. Some main sites are: Topkapi Palace- which was the main place of the Ottoman Sultans, The Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, The Archeological Museum, The Carie(Chora) Museum, Yerebatan Cistern, The Cistern of 1001 Columns, The Hippodrom.

- Ephesus Tour (Full and Half Days): The full day Ephesus tour covers the sites like: Artemis Temple, Ephesus, Virgin Mary House and Museum. Lunch is given up on your request. The tour lasts for 6-7 hours. You should know that I do not have time limitations, the times given are average. The half day tour lasts for 3-4 hours. The sites visited are: Ephesus, Virgin Mary House and Artemis Temple.

- Virgin Mary's House Tour: This tour can be performed seperately from Ephesus and with as well. Everyday can be made tour to Shrine of Virgin Mary and also on Sundayas Mass Service tour can be performed. A short programe of the tour can be : Visiting Mary's House first, takink place in The Mass Service, visiting the sources and aother places around the house on the way back to Kusadasi Seven Sleppers Cave can also be seen or Church of St. John.

- Village Tour Sirince&Camlik: 8 km. from Selçuk, Sirince village is a regional tourist center for day trips. Leading to its center at an altitude of 350 m above sea level is an asphalt road. The village dates back to the 5th century. Its old name was Kirkinca or Çirkince. There were several reasons for the village's settlement. First, the mountain it settled on was good for protection. Second, it was away from malaria that was rife in the Selçuk-Ephesus area. Finally, there was plenty of water, the soil was fertile and the climate was ideal. According to some sources, the village was established in Aydinogullari times. Others say it was the Derebeylik times.

- Priene Miletos Didyma Tour: Priene is only 40 km away from Kusadasi. And the city is set at the mountain of Mycale( today Samsun). The city is called 'Pompei of Anatolia' it is becuse once the city was full of very beautiful and well decorated houses. There was a special house for Alexander the Great as well. Priene was the first city where the grid plan was used for city planning. ippodamos used it for the first time in Priene and then Miletos and other cities followed them to use this system. Bias one of the Seven Sages of ancient times lived in Priene. Priene is most beautiful in spring season when the trees are blossoming and all the flowers are welcoming you to the ancient city.

- Izmir City Tour: Izmir is the 3rd largest city in Turkey and it is known as the ''pearl of the Aegean Sea''. The ancient name was Smyrna which was established app. 4000 years ago. Today the site is called Bayrakli. Izmir has lots of things to see Kadifekale Castle set by Alexander the Great, The Agora(old market), lots of Synagogues, lots of old Ottoman houses dating from 17-18-19 centuries. The archeological museums are also 'a must' to see. I am certified Izmir specialist. If you come to Izmir do not leave it without having a beer at the seaside of Alsancak an of course feeling the brezeze of the Aegean Sea.

- Bodrum Tour: One of the best resorts of Turkey where sea and history meet each other. Besides the sun, sea and beautiful beaches, Bodrum is rich for historical sites as well. One of the Seven Wonders of ancient world was here- The tomb of the Carian king Mauosollos- Mausolleion. It was one of the unique seven buildings that humankind ever built. St. Peter's castle is also attracting millions of visitors and at the same time it houses the only underwater archeological museum of Turkey where you may see the oldest shipwreck ever found that sunk in 1315 BC in Kaş.

- Pergamon Tour: Some 100 km from Izmir. Famous for its hospital called Asklepion- where at the entrance was written 'On behalf of the Gods, death is banned to enter the hospital', The altar of Zeus was also here in Acropolis of the city. The steepest theatre of ancient times was here, its hight was some 80 m. The second largest libraray of ancient times was also here in Pergamon.

- Nysa: Nysa was an ancient Greek city of Anatolia, whose remnants are now in the Sultanhisar district of Aydın Province of Turkey 50 km East of the Ionian city of Ephesus. The geographer and historian Strabo, born in Amasiya started his life of study in Nysa, which was an important center of learning in the first century B.C.. The city had been dedicated to Dionysus when it was founded by Antiochus I Soter in the third century B.C. and it was still famous as a city of scholars in the second century A.D.. For about a thousand years after that the city had its ups and downs. It suffered from the depredations of the Christians, the Muslims and the Turks as they came in and out of the place, and it was finally abandoned after being sacked by Tamerlane in 1402.

There are important ruins on the site from the Hellenistic period, the Roman period and the Byzantine era. Much of the open air Greek theatre and its walled entrances are still intact. There is only a single massive wall left of the famous library. There are remnants of a Roman Odeon, a gymnasion, a Roman bath and a bouleuterion.

- Tralleis: The ancient city is located by the modern city of Aydin. It is estimated that an Amazon called Tralle founded the city that is why the city is called Tralleis. Mainly the buildings of Roman times can be seen there. Ruins of huge roman bath comlex, arsenals very well preserved can be seen as well. One of the two architects of St. Sophia in Istanbul was from Tralleis, he was Antemious.

The entrance fees are not included in the price.
The price given is only per day and per trip.
My service starts at the meeting point and end at the agreed point.
Daily tour can be between: 08:30 - 18:00 Euro - 150
Night tours: 19:00- 24:00 Euro - 75
This price includes the services of an official local tour guide and all taxes.
The expenses and the entrance fees are additional.