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Sevilla Official Tour Guide
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Sevilla Official Tour Guide

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Key Information:
Group Size: 1 - 50 people
Destination: Sevilla
Season: January - December
Languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish
Minimum Cost: 135 Euro (EUR) Per trip
Maximum Cost: 280 Euro (EUR) Per trip

I am a licensed Tour Guide, member of APIT ( Official Association of Tour Guides in Sevilla ) with 10 years of experience and use to work for the main tour operators of Spain, Europe, America and Asia. I offer all kind of tours in Sevilla for travel agencies, special groups, incentives, schools and private tours for individuals to the most important monuments of this nice city.

Sevilla is a mosaic of civilizations, cultures and races which have left behind wonderful examples of their art like the Royal Alcazar, the Cathedral and the Giralda Tower, the old Jewish Section, the Tobacco Factory where Carmen was working, the Maestranza Bullring, Maria Luisa´s Park, the Macarena Church, the Iberoamerican Fair in 1929 and World Fair in 1992, Fine Arts Museum... and many more. A passionate adventure for those who wander its streets and monuments. Discover the history of a city which is universal, traditional and modern at the same time.

Monumental tour - Our first tour is the most popular and typical. We will visit the 3 most important highlights of central Sevilla: the Cathedral of Santa María, biggest in Spain and place where is buried Christopher Columbus, the Giralda tower, ancient Arabic minaret and symbol of our city, the Royal Alcazar, Arabic palace from the 14th century and nowadays residence of the Spanish kings, to end with a nice walk through the historical Jewish section called Santa Cruz. (Duration around 3 hours).

Classic tour - For those who have been once in Sevilla this is the ideal visit. The Classic Tour goes through the old Arabic section and visits the famous Casa de Pilatos where is living the third richest family of Spain called Medinaceli. To continue with a nice walk across the Murillos´garden, the old Tobacco Factory, where the famous Carmen of Bizet was working, the Hotel Alfonso XIII, the Tower of Gold and the Hospital de la Caridad with the best baroque church of the city and some paintings of Murillo. (Duration around 3 hours).

Religious tour - Do you remember the famous song and dance "Macarena"? In this tour you will discover where is this name coming from. Macarena is a very famous sculpture of the Virgin Mary place in the Macarena quarter, we will start visiting her museum and church, world famous is the nice procession in Holy Week, after walk along the roman wall made by Julius Caesar and the Parliament of Andalusia, biggest Hospital of Europe in the 15th century, to finish with the convent of Saint Paula, one of the best examples of baroque art in Sevilla and where nones made the best jam. (Duration around 3 hours).

Artistic tour - Bullfighting has always been one of the main traditions in Spain and for that reason we would like to show you the second oldest bullring of our country with this tour, the Maestranza Arena, there will see the ring and a small museum where it will explain the art of the bullfighting. After this we will go for a walk through the city center with the beautiful churches and palaces to finish in the Fine Arts Museum, second biggest after the Prado in Madrid.The best paintings of Murillo, Velazquez, Goya, Zurbarán, the Greek... etc are waiting for you. (Duration around 3 hours).

Sevillian ranch tour - Enjoy your stay in Sevilla with the visit of a typical Sevillian ranch with 7.400 acres of land and 3.000 heads of cattle, from milk cows and Andalusian horses to fighting bulls. Ranch in Spanish is called "Cortijo". My favourite Ranch is situated only 25 minutes from the center of Seville and it was in the past a monastery of the order of the Jeronimos, dating back to the early XVIIth century.

The most relevant agricultural productions in this ranch are olives – both the table and the oil variety, oranges with a recent plantation of 200 hectares, fodder corn and irrigation fields which allow us to be almost self-sufficient in feeding the live stock, wheat, sunflowers and chickpeas. The ranch has also a wonderful Mediterranean forest with a great variety of fauna and flora devoted to big and small game hunting of boars, deer, partridge, ducks and rabbits.

In my company, we will visit the Pure Spanish horse breed, the indigenous Retinto bulls, the milk cows farm (which produces daily 14,000 liters of milk), as well as the Mediterranean forest, the Arabic mill, the Roman baths, the carriage museum. We can make this tour riding a typical Spanish horse or on a horse carriage with the typical Spanish breed horses. All the horses are born and broken in inside the estate. The tour is also available by four-wheel-drive and by bike.

Night tour of the Royal Alcazar - One of the most important highlights in the city of Sevilla is our " Royal Alcazar".

This Christian palace built in a Moorish style offers a mix of finely etched domes, lacy arcades, keyhole arches, and comfy courtyards. At its heart lies the elegantly proportioned 14th century Court of the Maidens. Here the designers created an ingenious micro-climate: water, plants, pottery, thick walls, and darkness…all to be cool. It's a fine example of this Mudejar style.

While the décor is Moorish or Arabic in style, you'll see depictions of peacocks, animals, and kings (which you wouldn't find in true Muslim décor). The walls are ornamented with a stylized Arabic script. In older Moorish buildings, such as Granada's Alhambra, this script creates a visual chant of Koranic verses. But in this Christian palace, the Arabic script relates New Testament verses and propaganda phrases, such as "dedicated to the magnificent Sultan Peter — thanks to God!"

Travel with this private and exclusive evening - night tour to the Arabian Nights sensuality and New Testament sentiments. Due to the cost of the tour, it is recommended for small and big groups.

CRUISE ALONG THE GUADALQUIVIR RIVER - As in the case of many other large cities, Seville's origins surge from its magnificent location along a great river, the Guadalquivir.

This romantic river springs from the Cazorla mountains, in the province of Jaén. It crosses the provinces of Cordoba and Seville, and joins the Atlantic Ocean at Sanlucar de Barrameda in the province of Cadiz. The river is approximately 403 miles long, and it is the only navigable river in Spain.

The river has always played a very important roll in the history of Seville, first in the roman times when its name was "Betis" and later with the Arabs, who changed the name to Guadalquivir, which means Big River, also Seville was one of the departure points for Christopher Columbus´s fleet in his voyages to discover the new World "America".

During 1 hour we will admire and discover by modern river boats with bar service and WC, both sides of the Guadalquivir, looking monuments like the Tower of Gold, the Maestranza Bullring, the Triana Bridge, the Pavilions of the Expo - Fairs of 1992 and 1929, the Alamillo and Barqueta Bridge, the Macarena and the Triana Section, San Telmo´s Palace, the Giralda Tower, The Opera House and many more.

FLAMENCO SHOW - Flamenco, as you will know, is a genuine Spanish art, and to be more exact a genuine Southern Spanish art. It exists in three forms: Cante, the song, Baile, the dance, and Guitarra, the guitar. Gypsies are very often named as its fathers, and (it can at least) be taken for certain that they played an important part in its creation. However The popular songs and dances of Andalusia have also influenced early Flamenco considerably.

Certainly there were other influences, too, which is not surprising in a country that has been dominated by most diverse cultures and civilizations during its different historical eras. There were the legendary Tartessos, and then seven centuries of Muslim occupation which hardly could have passed without leaving traces. All that, directly or indirectly, influenced Flamenco. Important thing to know is that the cradle of flamenco is certainly in western Andalucia, and there are few better places for flamenco than Seville.

Enjoy a nice musical evening coming to see one of the most enchanting, colourful and full of passion flamenco shows, which includes the collaboration of a great number of artists, many of them awarded with national and international prizes.

WINE AND TAPAS TOUR - Sevilla is the perfect place for discovering the cuisine and wines of Andalusia. The city itself is considered by many to be the best place in Spain for tapas. Around 2 hours we can visit three of the best tapas bars or restaurants of the city, discovering the tapas history, tasting the typical Sevillian ham, Andalusian gazpacho soup, our famous fried fish, the world-known Sevillian olives or the popular orange wine and many more.

BIKE TOUR - Whether you come to Sevilla as a tourist or for work don't miss another way to see this lovely city. Our tour is ideal for everyone who wants to get to know Sevilla in a relaxed way. On a very comfortable bike you will get to know the “must see” places but also places away from the typical touristic paths. I will explain you the history of Sevilla and give you interesting information and tips about everything you need to know about this wonderful city.

We ride to the most important sights of Sevilla: Maria Luisa Park with the squares of Spain and America, the 5 starts Hotel Alfonso XIII, the Palace of Saint Telmo (Andalucia´s President House), Old Tobacco Factory where the famous Carmen was working, the Pavilions of the Expo-Fair in 1.929, the Guadalquivir river, the Tower of Gold, the Triana Quarter, the Opera House, the Maestranza Bullring, Carmen´s Monument, the Pavilions of the Christopher Columbus Fair in 1.992, the Macarena quarter...

The tour is about 2 hours long, and we will ride mainly on cycling paths, pedestrian zones and parks. Of course we will make stops to hear the explanations. You can combine this tour with the Monumental tour (walk visiting Alcazar - Santa Cruz Section Cathedral and Giralda Tower)

A visit to Sevilla will be made more enjoyable and meaningful with me. I am the right guide for you, whether you require a monumental or walking tour. My guided tours are fun as well as learning a lot about the place you visit, you will be surprised, amused, thrilled and moved as you discover the delights of Sevilla with Antonio Doblas. Try my different tours: Monumental, Classic, Religious, Tapas and Wine or Bike Tours.

- Half Day Tour Weekdays: 135 euros
- Half Day Tour Weekends and Holidays: 155 euros
- Full Day Tour Weekdays: 250 euros
- Full Day Tour Weekends and Holidays: 280 euros
- Prices are per tour not per person.