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InfoHub supplier since Feb 2005!
Base of operations: Fiji -- Number of InfoHub client requests accepted: 11
Tranquil location right on water, ideal for all ages, we specialise in diving and surfing and all water sports, fishing and island-hopping trips. We offer great value and only 45 minutes from Nadi International airport, the resort has an excellent restaurant, bar, boutique, games room, diving, surfing and nightly entertainment.

M13331 is located on the water's egde, a short boat trip to the Mamanuca Islands, the famous surfing reefs of Mini Cloudbreak, Cloudbreak, Wilkes, Swimming Pools, and Desperations, and the Navula passage, renowned
for its spectacular scuba diving.
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USD 243 / Per day
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 1  winky seashell cove bar
I used to live in fiji. My friends and I always stopped at the bar at seashell cove, it was a dive, cheap beer, no rules. It felt like we were experiencing something thirdworld, which is what we wanted. This place is not suitable for romantic getaways, wives, or children. Just have fun, keep an eye on your ... view more wallet and watch.

 2  brett Appalling
The overall condition of our bure was very run down, with torn mesh on the
windows (including the window beside the front door which enabled people to put
their hands inside and open the door without a key), a front door so warped it
would barely open, torn curtains which were difficult to open, tap water ... view more which
was brown and unsuitable for drinking, holes in the walls and ceiling which were
covered up with sticking plaster but which failed to stop the bure from being
infested with 4-5cm cockroaches. The Bathroom and toilet were very run down and
dirty, with many stains on the walls and floor both in the bathroom and
thoughout the bure.

Overall, the 'resort' had a very dirty, 3rd world village atmosphere. There was
no real beach as such, just mudflats and mangroves. What little sand there was
around the front seawall was covered in piles of rotting seaweed. On our second
to last day there they finally cleaned up the 'beach', but did not remove the
seaweed, just pushed it up against the wall. The bar and pool area was much
shabbier than in the photo. At some point in not too recent history, the wooden
decking or stone pavers which seemed to be evident in the brochure photos have
been removed from around the pool and bar and they have dumped a pile of sand in
its place. At various points, particularly around the bar there were so many
lumps of concrete poking through the sand that it was an effort just to get the
barstool to sit straight.

We, and most of the other guests we spoke to, feel that the pictures and
information shown in their brochures and website are examples of blatant false
advertising. For example, when we asked to go canoing, we were met with blank
stares and told that there were no canoes. When we asked to go fishing, the 'PR
manager' said he would find someone to take us, but none of the staff could be
bothered and he never came back to us anyway, so we just gave up. From the
condition of the pool area and the surrounding buildings we would estimate that
the photos are either approximately 10 years old, or that there has recently
been a hurricane from which they have never quite recovered.

With a few notable exceptions (most of whom worked for the scuba centre which
was a separately run company), the staff were lazy, unhelpful, indifferent,
poorly trained and generally unfriendly. On our first night at dinner the 'PR
manager' invited himself to sit at our table while we were still eating and
proceeded to pick his nose in front of us while asking us the same questions
over and over again. On the evening of the 'crab racing' we were all invited to
pay a fee to 'own' a crab with a number on its shell. When the winner crossed
the line, one of the staff picked it up and called out 'number 4'. When the
resort's crab race organiser took the winning crab from the staff member he told
everyone it was 'number 3' and then threw all of the crabs back into the bucket
before anyone could check them. We found out later that 'number 3' was the crab
which the organiser 'owned', and he pocketed the prize money for first place.
The scam was so obvious that people were laughing, but it did nothing to
alleviate the feeling that we were being ripped off from the moment we arrived.

The quality of the food was generally disappointing. Being in Fiji we were
expecting mostly fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh seafood. We only saw two
types of very sad looking fruit at breakfast and with the exception of some
salads, very little seafood at all. Their approach to their menu was similar to
their advertising. What looked amazing on the blackboard turned out to be a not
very well executed version of a western dish, usually with some bizarre twist,
like putting frozen peas, carrot and corn into what was supposed to be a seafood
salad, or boiling some stringy steak to within an inch of its life, putting some
curry powder on it and calling it a Chinese curry. Most of the other items on
the menu were deep fried and everything came with chips.

We tried to make the most of a bad situation by getting out of the 'resort' as
much as possible, and were still actually managing to enjoy ourselves up until
the day before we left, when we went on an 'organised' surfing trip.

We had told the surfing 'guide' on numerous occasions that we were beginner
surfers, with no experience of reef breaks. In spite of this, we were taken on
the boat with the other more experienced surfers to the Wilkes break. There was
no safety briefing, no explanation of what to look out for or how to attract the
attention of the 'guide' or the boat 'captain' if we got into trouble. Our
'guide' was the first one out of the boat and by the time we hit the water he
was nowhere to be seen. He had just disappeared to go for a surf on his own and
we didn't see him again until just before the boat headed home.
We headed to the break and within minutes were in serious trouble. I was hit by
three large waves in quick succession and narrowly missed being tumbled along
the reef. Somehow I managed to make it to the reef and waded along in the white
water until I was level with the boat. When I had enough strength, I started the
long paddle back to the boat, attempting to get the attention of the 'captain'
so that he could pick me up. Neither of the men on the boat were paying any
attention to the surfers and so had no idea I was there until I was at the boat,
at which point, one of them shuffled to the stern, kicked down the ladder and
went back up front to resume eating his sandwich. By this time I was so
physically exhausted that I could barely lift my arms and didn't have the
strength to pull myself on board. I had to call out to one of the men to help me
and he grudgingly shuffled to the back of the boat and gave me his hand. Even
then, he made no effort to help me with my board and I had to wait some 10
minutes or so before I had the strength to pull it in myself.
My girlfriend had a similar experience and was also dumped onto the reef before
paddling back, but this time, because I was watching out for her I was able to
call out, and the driver started the engine and went to collect her when she was
about halfway to the boat. Even then, neither of them gave us any help and I had
to pull her into the boat myself. She was so upset that she asked both of the
men why they weren't helping people. At this point we were verbally abused by
one of the men (who apparently didn't even work for the resort, but had come
onto our boat from his own so he could talk to his friend, rather than looking
out for their surfers) before he yelled at the driver to take him back to his
boat, and then proceeded to drive around us whooping and yelling insults before
picking up his surfers and leaving. We were then completely ignored for the rest
of the trip, during which time we had to take it upon ourselves to watch out for
the others and help them on board. The surfing 'guide' was the last person back
on the boat and he didn't even bother to ask how it went for us.

Numerous other guests commented on all of these factors while we were there and
at least four couples and families checked out after the first day or so because
they were so shocked at the state of the place. One man who was born and grew up
in Fiji but now lives in Auckland told us that even he was shocked and
embarrassed at the condition of the 'resort' and described it as more of a
'village'. He took his family to another island the day after they checked in.

At best, you could say we were disappointed. At worst, you could say that we
feel we've been misled by false advertising and ripped off. If I hadn't paid in
advance, we would have checked out the day after we arrived and gone somewhere
else. We'll certainly never stay at Seashell Cove again and will make sure that
all of our friends and colleagues hear about our experience there so that they
don't waste their time and money either.