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In the early days of the West, pioneers discovered the cool, cottonwood shaded stream which is now known as Crazy Woman Creek. They followed the creek to where it rushes forth from a deep canyon on the face of the Big Horns. They found it good and settled there. Years later the ranch site passed to a successful prospector of the famous Klondike Gold Rush and was renamed Klondike.

Since the 1920's, M13464 has offered guests an authentic western adventure. M13464 is a working ranch located in one of North America's most historic and dramatic landscapes. Guests are invited to share in ranch life and learn the skills and language of the American cowboy. Our visitors are part of the family. They work with us, eat with us, and play with us. They help us move cattle to new pastures, fish some of the finest trout water in the nation and enjoy the stunning scenic vistas.

M13464 is an historic cattle ranch established in 1886. The ranch is nestled in the midst of the most unspoiled and beautiful country in America. Four times the size of Luxembourg, Johnson County, Wyoming, is home to just eight thousand people. This is the American West, as it once was - rugged, friendly and unchanging.
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Klondike Ranch 10% off.
Working cattle ranch with accommodations for a limited number of adult summer guest. Meals served with ranch family.

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USD 170 / Per day
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