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M13552 is located in Arctic Quebec, 900 miles north of Montreal. What ever you choose to hunt caribou, black bear or to go on a fishing trip, M13552 has a unique blend of hunting and fishing activity that are adapted to the modern day hunters. We develop and operate all of our own trips. We strictly limit group size to provide you with extensive support.

Hunt caribou like never before! Our camps are located in the heart of the best funnelling migration route of the Torngat Mountains & George River caribou herd. Hunt caribou and black bear with experienced guides and hunting outfitters who lives in the area since over 25 years now and operate camps since 1990. In addition to caribou hunting, you can hunt black bear, ptarmigan and fish for lake tout at no extra cost. Our floatplane is permanently base at camp. Most of the time, we hunt from the main lodge but when required we are always ready to fly out to a more productive area.

If you’ve never been lucky at fishing it’s probably because you never tried arctic char fishing. Our unique V.I.P. fishing trips will allow you to fish arctic char and visit some of our very best kept secret places. In addition to fishing we invite you to experience our exceptional photo air safari.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M13552

Rapid Lake Lodge Rapid Lake Lodge 10% off.
Peoples join us to hunt caribou, fish arctic char, trout and to fly the Torngat Mountains scenic air routes.

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USD 1000 / Per day
Hunting lodges

Lake Lodge’s Barnoin River Lodge Lake Lodge’s Barnoin River Lodge 10% off.
World’s TOP 5 Arctic Char fishing destination. Fly fishing Quebec’s east Ungava Bay most remote, undiscovered rivers and wild places.

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USD 1500 / Per day
Fishing lodges
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 1  Robert Magie Verified User Review 2006-12-13
It is a well-operated facility. The owner is a very reliable and reputable person. I would recommend it to others.

 2  Robert Magie Verified User Review 2006-12-08
I did go to Rapid lake. It is a well-operated facility. The owner is a very reliable and reputable person. I would recommend it to others.