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Base of operations: Cyprus -- Number of InfoHub client requests accepted: 28
First holistic Spa in Cyprus offering a number of superb signature treatments and Greek, Roman, and Byzantine therapy treatments, managed by internationally renown Spa professionals. Offering a selection of massages.

M13777 at Coral Bay, Paphos is an indulgent resort hotel that justifiably boasts a holistic spa, superb cuisine and one-on-one butler service, an experience you would be lucky to find anywhere else.

Paphos has been inhabited since Neolithic times; in the 12th century BC, the Myceneans built a temple to Aphrodite; Ptolemaic society built the Tomb of the Kings and the Romans left us some of the world's most beautiful mosaics.

Down through the ages, the sheer beauty of the coast caught the hearts and minds of visitors - and still does - only, today, there is another seduction, M13777.
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Cyprus Spa Resort
Welcome to the world of Thalassa, a boutique hotel situated on a small peninsula, over looking the ancient Mycenean site of Maia-Paliokastro museum

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EUR 2000 / Per day
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