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M13927 in the East Caprivi overlooks the pristine Kwando River and is situated on a private concession inside the Mudumu National Park. Traditional flair and superb food combine with unobtrusive comfort and personal service. Individually styled chalets afford privacy and uninterrupted views. Experienced guides enhance a great wilderness experience.

Cradled between the enigmatic Okavango River to the west and the mighty Zambezi River to the east, M13927 nestles beneath a canopy of shady Jackalberry and Mangosteen trees, on the banks of the meandering Kwando River. Here, in the heart of the Mudumu National Park, dry Mopane woodlands meet the allure of a fragile Kwando wetland ecosystem.

For the prospective visitor to M13927, which is located on the periphery of Botswana's legendary wildlife reserves, the attraction will be found in a quintessentially African experience, blending exceptional service with superb scenery and a fascinating array of wildlife.

The future of this unique natural heritage will depend on the active involvement of the people who live in the East Caprivi. M13927 has been instrumental in creating new opportunities and actively encourages projects that utilize indigenous products and knowledge on a sustainable basis. The staff and management are concerned about environmental education and promote wildlife conservation in is broadest sense, in order to create direct economic and social benefits to local communities.
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Lianshulu Lodge
Lianshulu Lodge : Exclusive safari lodge overlooking the Kwando River, situated on a private concession in the Mudumu National Park.

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USD 450 / Per day
Eco lodges
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