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William B Blodgett is a local Outfitter Guide in the Umpqua National Forest. 19 years as an Whitewater Rafting and Mountaun Bike guide on the Scenic & Wild North Umpqua River. M14396 and the Swiftwater Park Guest House invite you to try our Lodging and Rafting Adventures. We are a great place to visit when traveling to Crater Lake National Park.
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Full and Half Day Raft and Kayak Trips Full and Half Day Raft and Kayak Trips

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Discover why the experts return time and again, and beginners are put at ease with our experienced guides. We can take children that are at least 6 years old and can swim.

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USD 105 Oregon
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 1  Sharon Lodging & Rafting Adventure on the Scenic & Wild north umpqua River 2008-03-13
Great place to stay! The best Whitewater rafting trip I have ever been on. See the guest book at www.nuolodging.com The Swiftwater Park Guest House was wonderful.