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M14458, with more than 10 years experience and aims to give their customers the opportunity to become a part of South America treasures, tourism and environment as well as discovering this amazing land together.

M14458 team knows that ecotourism is more than a fashion term. This is the main reason why we are part of important foundations which helps environment and support studies for protection of danger species. Knowing all this, M14458 agents and tour guides handle in a very clear way, the needs of our scenarios (natural ones) and that’s why each activity programmed have been made thinking about the impact which human presence can make around it.

Our staff, leading small groups, eco-mates team, and specialized tour guides, operates based in provide accommodations and services, working mainly with local people, like Piaroas cooperatives in Amazonas, and local operators in Los Andes, etc looking for this match between sustainability, your vacations and the low impact to our environment. Understanding how important is preserving nature, M14458 Teams are pro to support important projects, collect funds as well as increase environmental awareness around South America. More than the 80% of the national parks are included in our programs and circuits.
Questions and Answers
We’re here to help you experience Venezuela, know its indigenous people and see its wildlife in a sensitive and sustainable way so that coming generations can see it too.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

The business has been in operation since 2005.

2. What is your company's mission?

We’re here to help you experience Venezuela, know its indigenous people and see its wildlife in a sensitive and sustainable way so that coming generations can see it too.

3. What does your company specialize in?

We can build specialized, tailor-made tours or develop programs for families or larger groups (up to 12 people). We can even create adventure vacations, complete with extreme sports!

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Mario Castillo was and is the owner of the company. Mario was born in Maracay, Venezuela and has over 12 years of experience in the tourism business. He has owned his own business since 1998. Mario oversees the administration and operation of the agency. He keeps check on the quality of the activities and destinations we book for our clients and oversees the development of our programs and tours. He speaks Spanish and has working knowledge of German and English. When Mario created this company he had one goal in mind: "To create the most unforgetable travel experience in Venezuela! He wished that once his clients returned home they remembered their vacation as an unforgettable experience...a true dream".

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

All of our combination tours/packages are popular.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

"The trip was great for us and all went well. We were more than satisfied with your company's services".

Reviews and Comments
Rating By Subject Added

 1  Jonathan Bickoff Roraima Trek and Los Roques 2012-10-02
Anyone who wants to know experience the Mt. Roraima trek and an Angel falls I highly recommend this amazing M14458 team.

 2  Rhonda Wells The Lost World Trek 2012-10-02
Venezuela is simply beautiful; the waterfalls breathtaking. Relatively undeveloped from a tourist perspective which is refreshing in many ways...fairly quiet and no souvenir shops by Roraima!

 3  Dennis Woods Butterfly Odyssey 2012-10-02
The trip was fantastic and it was everything we had hoped for and more. The group was great, the route was enjoyable, the food was out of this world and the ... view more guides were fun, professional and extremely knowledgeable about the local geography, biology and culture of the area. They were very accommodating and flexible with the schedule and our desires.

 4  Arthur Rosenshein Kayaking in Venezuela 2012-10-02
Thank you for a wonderful. This trip was everything I imagined and more. The guides were fantastic...they did everything to ensure that we were having fun, ... view more eating amazing meals and seeing as much of this fantastic area as we could possibly experience. The dolphin watching was an added and unexpected bonus.

 5  Robin Mittentha Kayaking in Venezuela 2012-10-02
As a biologist who has snorkeled and dived on the Great Barrier Reef and in the kelp forest of the Pacific Northwest, I was astounded at the biological ... view more diversity of the marine environment compares very favorably to both areas in terms of the number of interesting species of fish, invertebrates, and, well everything".

 6  J.P., Bucks Birdwatching in the Henri Pittier National Park 2012-10-02
"I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. The leaders were both excellent, they spoke English fluently, both were good company and made us feel that they enjoyed our ... view more company too, and willingly told us about Venezuela life in general. The drivers did their job well and all went out of their way to make the holiday a success. The food was much better than I expected and the staff friendly and helpful." J.P., Bucks

 7  Alex, Valentina, Dinah, Shashaine and Ariella. Sailing Venezuela's Caribbean Coast 2012-10-02
Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. The Islands have been great. The water and sun have been great. The food was amazing. The experience with the ... view more dolphins was spectacular and unforgettable. All in all we experienced paradise. Alex enjoyed sailing and the kids enjoyed snorkeling, as for me the first trip on a sailing boat over night was fantastic and certainly want to come back for more. Thank you so much.

 8  Bruno Los roques Venezuela 2012-10-01
The archipelago of Los Roques is magical. The experiences that you feel and scenery you see are indescribable, because everything is sublime, flowing sub-limen ... view more below the limit of thought. There is an energy that passes through you difficult to describe and photograph. Remain anecdotes: coral beaches, the sea of ​​a thousand variations of blue and blue-eating fish, rum more good days of snorkeling. But the magic you bring in, without being able to show to anyone.

 9  Sabine & Thomas Amazonas 2009-12-31
Hi Folks,

We enjoyed our 2 trips with you that much and miss the wildlife already. We did the Adventure Amazonas Tour Roger and the 4 days Tour with ... view more \"Doc Frog\" Cesar. We can outermost recommend M14458 and their Team! These days were really spectacular.

Greetings and Thanks 2 the M14458 Team, special to Joanne.

 10  Victoria Lichtendrf and Harper Langston OPEN WATER DIVING 2008-09-14
It's clear that you have come to right place if it is dive or do your diving course.
I did the Open Water diving course here and:
Diving amazing ... view more
The company amazing
The people amazing
The instructor Fernando and José amazing
So if everything is sooo amazing, just enjoy every moment you can

 11  Jorrit Tolhoek Amazon 2008-09-14
In het kort was mijn bezoek aan Venezuela erg avontuurlijk en erg leerzaam omdat ik geprobeerd heb om veel met de lokale bevolking in contact te komen. Ik vind ... view more de Venezuelanen erg aardig, sociaal en behulpzaam. Ik was erg op mijn hoede omdat ik bang was om overal als een wandele portemonnee gezien te worden maar dit is niet het geval. In tegendeel zelfs. En ik vind Venezuela echt een schitterend en uniek land. Veel plezier!