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InfoHub supplier since Oct 2006!
Base of operations: USA -- Number of InfoHub client requests accepted: 275
Our Captains & Crews have extensive experience in working with youth groups from around the country. Participants contribute to their adventure as deck hands, watch officers, galley crew and navigators. I think you'll find that our vessels and its Crews offer a unique and affordable opportunity for the young adventurer who is interested in learning about sailing, navigation, rules of the road, snorkeling and marine life.

All our vessels are U.S. Coast Guard inspected, with all safety equipment on board in excellent condition. Our Captains are certified in Florida with years of teaching experience in sailing in Florida and the Caribbean.
Questions and Answers
We offer affordable and exciting Sailing Adventures in the Florida Keys and in the Bahamas for Scouts, Youth Groups, Families and Others.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

We have been in business since 1999. Most of our captains, all owners of their sailboats started as captains for Sea Base, an organization that belongs to Boys Scouts of America while the others all have extended experience sailing all over the US and the Caribbean's.

2. What is your company's mission?

During the Summer, The Holidays and Spring Break, we offer a program mostly to the Scouts and the Youth Groups. They get to spend a week at sea, learning but also having fun activities like snorkeling, swimming, islands hopping as well as deep sea fishing.

3. What does your company specialize in?

During your week at sea you will learn about: • Sail Trim - Set the sails, learn points of sail, and trim sails. • Navigation - From compass to GPS (Global Positioning System) and learn to recognize different channel markers and buoys. • Rules of the Road - Learn which vessel has right-of-way, learn vessel light identification, and use of auditory signals (i.e.: bells, horns, whistles, and gongs). • Teamwork - Essential for life aboard a sailboat, you'll learn the value of position attitude! • Snorkeling - Become one with the blue sea as you learn with first-hand looks at century-old shipwrecks in pristine waters. • Deep sea fishing - Get them all: mackerel, marlin, tuna, grouper, lobsters, Mahi-Mahi. • Marine Life Identification - From small forms of marine life to colorful fish and strange, amazing creatures, predators and their habitats. • Water Conservation - Learn how and why the sailor must use fresh water conservatively.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

My name is Ginette Giuliani, I am the founder and owner of the company. Before being involved with this company, I founded and run a company which was organizing booking shows and bands all over Quebec and Ontario for 18 years. Then I came down to Miami Florida, founded a company that import-export Canadian and American products all over Canada, USA and South America. While I created jobs for people handling this company for me, I turned to sailing and all the activities that had to do with the water and got deeply involved with sailboat captains to make them benefit from my expertise in booking which I had acquired while running Rainbow Productions for 18 years.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Our most popular package is a Sailing Adventure for a week either to the Florida Keys down to Key West or to the Bahamas because we supply quality, luxurious boats, experienced captains, fun activities in an all inclusive package. We are extremely competitive when it comes to our rates and these trips are as much appreciated by adults as they are with the youth groups.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

Here are some of the comments we often receive. We had a fantastic time. Everything was wonderful. Captain Steve is delightful. He was amazingly patient with all four of my kids. We had the time of our lives. He even entertained us with a new card game that is now a family favorite. It was absolutely one of the best family vacations we have ever taken! The Caribe is a beautiful boat, and we couldn’t have hoped for a nicer or more enjoyable Captain. Thank you for helping put together such a great experience for us or something else they say is this. After learning about their program, asking and talking to past customers, we put down a deposit for two sailboats. The sailboats and each boats captain was great - worked well with the youth. The food was great and we learned a lot about sailing and navigating. Working with Ginette was great and made planning a lot easier. She was very flexible with her program. The food was great and we learned a lot about sailing and navigating.

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Sailing the Florida Keys & the Bahamas Sailing the Florida Keys & the Bahamas 10% off.

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Spend a great one wekk sailing trip in Florida, duirng which you will snorkel, sail and explore the marine wildlife!

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Tour Package
Boating and Sailing
USD 880 Florida

Cruise Vacation In Florida Keys, Key West-Dry Tortugas and Bahamas Cruise Vacation In Florida Keys, Key West-Dry Tortugas and Bahamas

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We want to make your vacation unforgetable, so we give you the opportunity to choose your destination from our wide range of places for sailing!

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Boating and sailing
USD 880 Bahamas
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