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M15147 was founded back in 1989 by two New Zealanders with a love of travel and a desire to help Americans get to know the lands Down Under. From small beginnings 17 years ago, we’ve grown into a nationally known, well respected company and are recognized throughout the industry for our dedication to customer service, and an enviable commitment to filling those Qantas planes! And we remain leaders today, in service, if not in exploration.

We are fully ARC (Airline Reporting Commission) accredited, are a licensed Seller of Travel in Washington State (#601279492), and are very proud to be a Preferred Qantas Partner. M15147 is not a “fly-by-night” company, but, a highly respected long-term company, with our feet on the ground and the experience it takes to give you all the confidence you need when choosing a travel company.

We are based in the lovely Pacific Northwest, just outside Seattle, and can proudly boast the best and most experienced staff in the industry. When you call, you’ll either be talking with an Australian, a New Zealander, or with one of our well-trained and well-traveled Americans. Everyone in our organization loves what they do and thoroughly enjoys sharing their expertise and excitement about Australia and New Zealand. Chances are that if you want to go to a certain place, someone in our office will have been there – and if not, we have all the contacts needed to give you the best possible advice. This is not just a business to us, it is a way of life, and it is no exaggeration to say that pats on the back from happy travelers is what we all strive for.

At M15147, we undertake to answer our phones quickly, and with a smile. We completely understand that travel is a big investment, and we promise to listen carefully to your needs and give you the best possible advice to make your trip as good as it can possibly be, and you will absolutely love the completeness of the documents we send to you. After all, we want you to tell your friends and family about us, and to choose to travel back to South Pacific with us again sometime in the future. And when you are ready to go again, we’ll still be here to help you.
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