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M15981 in Mesa, Arizona USA offers the "Flight of a Lifetime" through exciting adventures in air combat and aerobatics for individuals, teams and groups. This season, 2007, hallmarks Fighter Combat's 11th year of full time operations giving thrill seekers the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of being a 'Top Gun Fighter Pilot' or an 'Air Show Pilot' in a day of fun and excitement. As our client, you or your guest have the opportunity to actually fly a REAL world-class aircraft with REAL military fighter pilots!

REALISM: M15981 operates in compliance with the FAA standards for the Air Combat Schools of America. By M15981's standards, these FAA guidelines are considered to be a minimum. As the only air combat school to exclusively employ real military fighter pilots all having extensive operational experience in high-performance fourth generation fighter jet aircraft, we insist upon teaching modern air combat tactics, standards, training rules and techniques used by active NATO fighter forces around the world today. If you're looking to experience real air combat with real fighter pilots in the world's highest performance certified aerobatic aircraft, M15981 is the only answer.

These incredible adventures are delivered in the East Valley of Phoenix at the Williams Gateway Airport in Mesa, Arizona USA. For group events, we can also bring our aerial adventures to you.

PILOTS: We offer comprehensive professional flight training for pilots of all experience levels from the serious private pilot to the air transport rated commercial pilot or military test pilot. Visit our website for more information on APS Emergency Maneuver Training and its line of upset recovery, aerobatics and spin recovery courses.

OWNER: Mr. Paul "BJ" Ransbury, a permanent resident of the United States, originally graduated from the Royal Military College of Canada with a B.Sc. in Honors Mathematics and Physics. After 12 years serving as a military officer and fighter pilot in the Canadian Armed Forces flying the F/A-18 Hornet, he spent two years as a scheduled airline pilot flying the Airbus A320. His high-performance civilian aviation career continued as a professional international air show pilot and was hallmarked with his air show team being featured in an IMAX 3D feature film distributed around the world. Now entering his 11th year holding consecutive positions of Chief Executive Officer and President of leading-edge North American advanced flight training organizations, Mr. Ransbury remains centered on improving safety of flight in the aviation industry. He is currently pursing the completion of his MBA with the University of Phoenix.
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Air Combat in Arizona
If you like air combat games and other air combat simulations then you'll love flying REAL air combat under the guidance of our REAL air combat fighter pilot instructors in REAL aircraft.

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USD 1730 / Per person
Tour Package
Duration: 1 - 2 days
Season: January - December
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