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Base of operations: Ecuador
Our expert knowledge of the area, the opportunities, and the options available allow you to experience our professional and thoroughly reliable scheduling, and allow you to forget every single care and concern, every detail of your trip is handled expertly, and in an enthusiastic, friendly and thoughtful way.

Imagine us learning that you like Folk music; we recommend the top Folk lounge in Quito or Guayaquil for your visit with front row seats to see and hear the Folk Music flavors of Ecuador. You don't have to search it out - we take care of every detail for you. Perhaps you wish to visit Cuenca and the Inca ruins at Ingapirca, or Mount Pichincha outside Quito.

We arrange a car, a driver, and a tour second to none. Connoisseurs of fine food will find our restaurants alive with various offerings, including roast pork, grilled fish, or ceviche, along with aji, the Ecuadorian salsa that varies with the chef. Perhaps a perfect evening for you is aguardiente by the fireside.

It's reassuring to know that every detail is covered from your arrival to your departure. Step into the world of true comfort and luxury, surrounded by the natural beauty that is Ecuador.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M16427

The Quito Sweets of The Gods Tour
We believe there is no better way to learn about the culture of a Colonial city than through its cuisine and, by extension, its traditional sweets.

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USD 70 / Per person
Tour Package
Food & Wine
Duration: 1 days
Season: January - December

Luxury Jungle Camping Expedition at the Yasuni National Park
Enjoy a personal, close encounter with nature in the Ecuadorian Rain forest during this 8 day tour of Quito.

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USD 2479 / Per person
Tour Package
National Parks
Duration: 8 days
Season: January - December

Galapagos Easter Cruise April 9-13, 2009
There is simply no better way to enjoy time with the other members of your family than on a yachting adventure.

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USD 5300 / Per person
Tour Package
Wildlife Viewing
Boating and Sailing
Duration: 5 - 8 days
Season: April - April
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