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Base of operations: Kenya
Let's tell you about us and our core values and service/hospitality best practices. M16772 is a thought-to-reality saga for Charles, a Kenyan entrepreneur who grew up in a Kenyan village on the slopes of Mt. Kenya, from where he used to wave at fleets or convoys of joyful tourists in tour vehicles as they streamed into the nearby national parks.

How such journeys were organized was something that greatly exercised young Charles' imagination. Eventually, he decided to pursue professional training in tour operations and solve the great mysteries of safari hospitality.

Today, with a wealth of experience born of dynamism and determination, Charles, a great admirer of pioneer aviator Charles Lindberg, runs the culmination of a dream; M16772. Since its incorporation in 1996, the Lindberg operation has had as its watchwords and mission Professionalism, Hospitality and Flexibility. Building client satisfaction and trust through a passion for performance and delivery is our specialty at M16772. We are a superlative organization working hard (but making it all seem effortless) to help realize our clients’ expectations of a safari that they will always remember fondly.

The professionalism and commitment of the M16772 service and management team are aimed at always surpassing every guest's expectations. Whatever we do for our clients, be it responding to guests' inquiries, reception at the airport or field-guiding, the pleasure is ours. Our guiding principle? The best African hospitality comes from Africans themselves; it is home-grown. The company, which is owner managed, invests its future in the heart of the satisfied customer. Above all we strive to ensure that our customers always take something very precious back home; the fondest memories of one of the world’s most iconic safari country experiences and our service.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M16772

Authentic Kenya Safari
Learn about the rich African lifestyles represented by the Samburu, the Kikuyu and the Maasai tribes by visiting some of the schools, villages and marketplaces.

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USD 2710 / Per person
Tour Package
Duration: 11 days
Season: January - December

Best of Kenya Safari
14 days of luxury Land and Air safari to Kenya's wildlife parks and private sanctuaries. For those looking for total luxury, in depth enjoyment all in one.

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USD 3975 / Per person
Tour Package
Wildlife Viewing
Duration: 14 days
Season: January - December
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