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M16909 specializes in tours and experiences across London's exciting and buzzing art, fashion, design and other creative scenes. Offering a unique visitor experience for leisure and business travelers.

Let our team of in-the-know insiders - artists, designers, journalists and trend spotters - lead you on a quest of discovery and exploration.

M16909 was launched in 2006.
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 1  Helena Remi Perfect weekend
We are French and we wanted to offer to our friends a wonderful weekend in London. We have began to organize ourselves this weekend but we had difficulties to finalize our project. We finally turned to Urban Gentry, about whom we have read a lot of compliments on the Internet, to help us organize this weekend. ... view more

Joseph from Urban Gentry, very rapidly took everything into his hands, proposed some ideas which were in line with our wishes and our budget, and guided us in our choice perfectly.

Our friends have spent two wonderful days in London for less than 800 euros all inclusive (flight, hotel, theater, travel, tours, restaurant...).

In conclusion, we were treated professionally, but also a commitment and a human relationship beyond what could reasonably be expected from a travel agency. Thank you a thousand times!

 2  Carmel Goulden I love London!
In September of 2008 Kevin introduced me to layers of London which I would not have been able to find on my own. Not only was the walk enjoyable - who cared about the rain - I now know where all the beautiful people shop and where to get that delicious bowl of soup.

Thank you Kevin.

 3  Jeff Flemings Hip London
For a recent visit to London I selected an Urban Gentry tour of the East End because I didn't want a homogenized, impersonal tour bus experience. Instead I wanted to see the area from the ground, with focus on the undiscovered and emerging.
Well I got it with Urban Gentry. My guide took me to the East ... view more End places the in-the-know Londoners go, while relaying countless stories about the culture and businesses of the various neighborhoods we visited.
I saw the cool new shops (and met the shopkeepers). I toured the best new galleries. But we also explored back streets, alleys, and countless venues that would probably be invisible to the casual traveler.
At the end of the day I felt I had absorbed the very essence of the new East End - which was my goal.

 4  Nathan Attrall Great tour
I'd just like to write a quick email from myself and on behalf of Rhiane, to say many, many thanks for your time on last Thursday afternoon.

The guided tour was truly superb - very well researched, highly informed and endlessly enjoyable - all thanks to you. And....walking through Spitalfields ... view more market now has a new dimension - we know the artist whose work is on display!