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Base of operations: Mozambique -- Number of InfoHub client requests accepted: 61
Ten years ago M17214 started as a small resort and although it has grown, it still remains small by comparison to larger more plush resorts in the area. As the resort has grown, so have its staff – a group of people who have become like a family and most of whom have been with the resort since it started some ten years ago. Our people will look after you. Come and join us. There's a cold beer in the fridge waiting for you.

The water is drinkable Borehole water. The Bilene town power is often down, so, bring a Torch. There are NO self-catering facilities at M17214, so leave your gas stove, pots and pans at home. There are NO fridges or freezers for guest use.

All vehicles are parked in a secure parking area. There is a small safe at the reception. However, guests are to ensure their valuables are kept safe at all times, as Management cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of any property.

Mozambique is a high risk Malaria Country. Please visit your doctor, or take all the necessary precautions before visiting us in Bilene, Mozambique.
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Praia do Sol
Come and relax at our beautiful resorts from the exotic Mozambique - Praia do Sol!

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ZAR 950 / Per day
Eco lodges
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