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Base of operations: Portugal
M17513 is a small and professional company based in Madeira Island , Portugal with a simple aim - organize birdwatching tours, dolphin watching tours, charters, and outdoor activities around Madeira Island , Deserts Islands and to the Selvages Islands on a classic sailing boat. Mainly working with small groups, since 2002 we give the opportunity to watch several species of marine birds like shear waters and petrels including the Madeiran storm-petrel, white faced storm-petrel, fea's and zino's petrel, bulwer's petrel and many marine mammals like the spotted dolphin, common dolphin, bottle nose dolphin, pilot whale, sperm whales and many others species. Starting this year we are also organising land tours to see endemic birds like the zino's petrel, torcaz pigeon and the Madeira fire crest in the Madeira mountains, including the Madeira Laurisilva forest, classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO on 1999. We have in our team people with great motivation and experience in the several fields like marine biologists, skippers, tour leaders and tour managers that, associated to the always present professionalism, contributes to a very cheerful atmosphere during our programs and the most enjoyable guided tours.

The M17513 is totally committed to the conservation of our natural world and likes to give to all that take part in our tours a different experience of watching the natural species. We believe that should have a correct knowledge of the species and their habitats to have a successful conservation attitude.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M17513

Desertas Islands Trip 1 ½ Days
This is a tour for serious birdwatchers. On this extraordinary one and a half day trip to the Desertas Islands you will watch extraordinary marine birds and wild marine mammals.

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EUR 125 / Per person
Tour Package
Duration: 2 days
Season: May - September
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