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Base of operations: Turkey -- Number of InfoHub client requests accepted: 10
Sail in the beautiful area of the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea - Turkey and Greece. On the "Mizana" is an active motor sailing, collecting experiences in a relaxed atmosphere sail and,relax, from everyday life. Dinner in a cozy bay, the delicacies food of the Greek and Turkish cuisine, In addition to sailing, we want to also take time to explore the history, natural beauty along the way and encounter with the land and culture.

The "Mizana" 16 m in length, only has 3 guest cabins and provides 6 gues plenty of space on and below deck. Every day we sail into a different bay or to another town, depending on wind and weather, Together we will make a plan for the day. Either we decide to go swimming, reading, relaxing, snorkelling, or lazing or take a walk, a beautiful lookout point along the beach, through a small village, with ancient "ruins", which is just as interesting. Choosing a destination for your holiday vacation can be difficult. Introducing the idea of a Mediterranean holiday makes your choice even more difficult. Deciding on an ideal vacation is not easy; picture sandy white beaches, crystal blue waters and exotic locations on board luxurious tradational private yachts.

Tradational Mediterranean yacht vacations bring together locations with natural beauty, glamour, lifestyle and cultural heritage. Imagine vacationing aboard a Tradational yacht charter and sampling the beauty of the Southern Turkish coast and some of the Greek islands. Famous Tradational yacht vacation destinations include Marmaris, Bodrum, Gokova, Simy, Datca, Fethiye, Kekova - Simena.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M18981

Honeymoon Romantic Cruise Vacation
Family Sailing Vacation and Holiday in Mediterranean sea, Turkey and Greece.

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EUR 7000 / Per person
Tour Package
Duration: 3 - 15 days
Season: April - November

Private Crewed Yacht Charter vacations 10% off.
We can arrange a Tradational Mediterranean yacht vacations bring together locations with natural beauty, glamor, lifestyle and cultural heritage.

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EUR 8000 / Per trip
Boating and sailing
Duration: 3 - 15 days
Season: May - November
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