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Cindy Eyler is an international known Spiritual Journey and Retreat Leader. Her passion is leading life-changing experiences through world travel at specific power places, to enhance the personal lives of each participant in ways unimaginable. Her expertise is taking you not only through an outer adventure, but also leading you through your personal inner journey. An adventure with Cindy will be sure to include discovery - both outer and inner, insight, fun, lots of laughs, and deep-felt inner peace and the ultimate in transformation!

Life keeps getting better ~ are you ready for yours? You will absolutely love journeying with Cindy. ;)
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 1  Cynthia G. Egypt Spiritual Journey
When I first read about the trip to Egypt I was intrigued by what was offered, and I can say that without a doubt what was offered was delivered in every aspect of the journey. Our seasoned guides, Cindy and Mohamed, love what they do, and planned perfectly.

In the advertising were the two little words ... view more \"and more\", and that is the absolute truth. The trip opened up whole worlds for me; I am not the same person. This trip expanded all my levels of consciousness, and endowed me with abilities I never thought would be possible to obtain. Accommodations were excellent, and I had the most fun with some of the nicest people I have ever met.

Go alone or with someone, but how ever you do it, when your trip is over you will definitely be thinking of your next trip to Egypt. Beautiful, compelling, and deeply moving.

 2  Patty Vargas Egypt Spiritual Journey
For those even considering joining this tour, I say: do not hesitate. This journey will change your life. Aside from seeing the most phenomenal monuments in the world, you will experience a life changing spiritual sojourn.

As a holistic healer and metaphysical practitioner, I have enjoyed an increase in ... view more my vibration and a better ability to \"read\" my clients. Cindy is an experienced and knowledgeable group leader; I really enjoyed her sense of fun and adventure. Our guide, Mohammed, was wonderful.

I will take this trip again!

 3  Alexis R. Egypt Spiritual Journey
Egypt had to be the most incredible, mystical and magical trips of my life! Your group, none of which I knew were amazing. As we journeyed together I felt such a bond between everyone, and we had so much fun! I remain in close contact with several of the people I met on the trip.

On a personal level, I ... view more realized that I had been there before ~ a home from my past. My reconnection with the land, the powerful goddesses and my initiation into the Egyptian sisterhood has opened me up to a whole new world. I have changed in how I look at life now, knowing that I am no longer alone in my quest for joy.

Thanks for a great trip!

 4  Craig S. Egypt Spiritual Journey
"Imagining what Egypt will be for you, will far surpass your Mind's Eye. Cindy takes you to that level with her spiritual guidance, and Mohamed allows you to focus on this guidance with his caring manner and expert knowledge. You will lose yourself and comeback far from who you were when you left. For ... view more what you experience, there is no way to better use your money for your life's journey."

 5  Debbie W. Egypt Spiritual Journey
The trip to Egypt with Cindy Eyler was an incredible experience! The energy was transforming and many changes have occurred in my life since the trip. The meditation in the King\'s Chamber allowed be to release a lot of buried emotions that I was holding in my body and space. The energy in the Isis Temple ... view more reminded me of my healing abilities.

The trip up to the top of Mt. Sinai showed me that I am more powerful and stronger than I thought; that I can overcome obstacles to achieve my goals. The energy in Egypt activated my creative abilities and opened up my heart to receive.

The time at the resort on the Red Sea honored my inner child and broadened my horizons as to how much fun is possible. I am so grateful for the opportunity and for the experiences.