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InfoHub supplier since Apr 2010!
Base of operations: Nepal
M20238 is based in Kathmandu, Nepal and maintains all government requisites such as bank bonds, certified guides etc. We have been operating tours to the Himalayas since 1995. All of our founding partners are former guides who have led trips to most of the areas of Tibet, Bhutan, India and Nepal and we still lead trips whenever we get chance. In Kathmandu, we maintain our own fleet of good conditioned vehicles and employ salaried guides who provide personalized care and services to our customers. Our partners in Bhutan and Tibet are former colleagues and long time associate and we all share same level of experience and spirit in travel trade.

We specialize in small groups and custom itineraries that allow flexibility and independence and opportunity to socialize with locals. Our travelers are basically from USA and Canada. We also serve travelers from Europe and East Asian countries. While we have internet and travel agency based businesses, we have also a good number of recommended clients. Our customer satisfaction level is 99%. In 1% case also, when our clients reported mishap or error, we have taken immediate action to correct the error. We go out of our way to make your trip smooth and successful.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M20238

Rajasthan - the Land of Maharajas
Take this 12-day cultural tour around India. Explore the beauty and the great heritage of Rajasthan. Cone over its temples and museums, discover India!

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USD 1350 / Per person
Tour Package
Cultural Journey
Duration: 12 days
Season: January - December

Chasing the Demons in Mustang
The small kingdom of Mustang, closed to westerners until 1992, is an enchanting land of windswept vistas, red walled monasteries, and feudal towns.

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USD 2650 / Per person
Tour Package
Festival Tours
Duration: 20 days
Season: January - December
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