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Base of operations: Ghana
We organize vacations in Ghana. For many years we are the African travel specialist for adventure holiday trips in Ghana. Our local and tested travel guides will make your vacation in Ghana unforgettable. For the Ghana tour you can choose to be led in English or German. During our Africa travel we try to maintain a family and friendly atmosphere with our customers. Our main focus on the tours is the land and people. Live African culture with us, while we try to use every opportunity to bring you in contact with the native people. We guarantee you an authentic Ghana round trip with a great travel route and many, for you unforgettable impressions.
Vacation Packages offered by supplier M20283

Rainbow Garden Village Tours 10% off.
Benefit from our large experience and witness - an unforgettable Ghana vacation trip!

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EUR 1990 / Per person
Tour Package
Hiking & Trekking
National Parks
Duration: 8 - 16 days
Season: January - December

Rainbow Garden Village Lodge 10% off.
We invite you to visit our Tropic Lodge of the shore of Lake Bosumtwi surrounded by a 450 meters high meteor impact wall.

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USD 40 / Per day
Eco lodges
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