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Base of operations: Trinidad and Tobago
Tacaribe Tour Operators is an inbound tour operator's company engaged in ecotourism and agritourism in Trinidad and Tobago. We are also involved in community development. The company was registered as a limited liability company with the registrar of companies on 22nd December, 1998. Our mission is to promote ecotourism throughout Trinidad and Tobago and to cooperate with other stakeholders of the industry in preserving our environment and conserving wildlife for future generations.

Our aims are to develop a close relationship with community-based organizations that are engaged in preservation and conservation of wildlife. We want to remain a major tour operators' company providing quality services to our clients in the field of ecotourism within our twin island states. We hope to achieve our objectives via community development activity and promoting education and training in ecotourism among the residents of rural communities in Trinidad and Tobago.
Questions and Answers
An inbound tour operator providing personal services to our clients.

1. How long has the business been operating and how did it start?

We registered as a limited liability company since 22nd December 1998. It started after doing community development on the north eastern coast of Trinidad. As we saw the need for such an organisation to promote ecotourism, agritourism and community development.

2. What is your company's mission?

To promote ecotourism, agritourism and community development in Trinidad and Tobago and to cooperate with other stackholders in preserving our environment.

3. What does your company specialize in?

Bird and marine turtle watchings.

4. Who is the founder or owner of the company and briefly describe his/her past activities?

Mr.Dominic Salvary, taxi driver, farmer and retired Government worker. Mr. Opio Morani, teaching, social worker and retired priest.

5. What is your most popular travel package and why?

Since we had not many clients, but the few whom our services were provided to bird watching is our popular travel package.

6. What is the best compliment you received from a client?

We had not recieved a written compliment except the occiason was handle professionally as no complaint was lodged.

Vacation Packages offered by supplier M20454

Birding in Trinidad and Tobago
Spend 6 days birdwatching in Trinidad and Tobago and visit the most exciting places specialized in birding.

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USD 350 / Per person
Tour Package
Duration: 6 days
Season: January - December
Trinidad and Tobago

4 Days Cave Exploration
Have a great 4-day caving tour over Trinidad and Tobago. Come and see the Cumaca cave, Lopinot Cave, Gasparee Cave, and Mt. Tamana Bat Cave.

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USD 250 / Per person
Tour Package
Duration: 4 days
Season: January - December
Trinidad and Tobago
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